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Moon Knight Episode 3 comes with some shocking and wild revelations about the Ennead – Gods of ancient Egypt. There’s tons to explore and ponder upon in the mid season episode. Marc Spector is going all out in his search for a way to stop Arthur Harrow. And to top it off, Moon Knight Episode 3 brought up a very interesting angle we never thought we would live to see in the MCU. The Ennead, better known as the Gods of Ancient Egypt, were not seen in action in the first few episodes. Only Khonshu is seen actively participating in human affairs. Why is that? Why the other Ennead Gods didn’t have an active stake in the human world like Khonshu?

Khonshu – Moon Knight

And why did the Ennead abandon mankind? Turns out, Moon Knight Episode 3 offers a simple answer to that question.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 3 up ahead. Enter at your own risk.


Who Are The Ennead In Moon Knight Episode 3?

Moon Knight Ennead
Moon Knight Ennead

The Ennead are a pantheon of Gods hailing from Ancient Egypt. Like the Greek Gods have Mount Olympus and the Norse Gods have Asgard, the Egyptian Gods have Heliopolis in the comic books, their home realm. But unlike the Asgardians, the Ennead are actually calling themselves actual Gods. From what we have seen so far in Moon Knight Episode 3, the Ennead are entities capable of insane power that even transcends some of that of their Asgardian counterparts.

Moon Knight Episode 3
Moon Knight Episode 3 – Council of the Gods

But they no longer play an active role in human affairs. When Khonshu summons a meeting of the Ennead, it is not exactly the Gods that answer in Moon Knight Episode 3. Like Marc Spector, each God of the Ennead has its own avatar. They “observe” humanity through their avatars and no longer guide them because according to them, humanity “abandoned” them a long time ago.

The Gods Of The Ennead We See In Moon Knight Episode 3

Moon Knight Episode 3 - Enter The Ennead
Moon Knight Episode 3 – Enter The Ennead

Six Gods appeared in Moon Knight Episode 3 apart from Ammit (who is trapped in a tomb somewhere in the desert). The Gods are – Khonshu, Hathor (Goddess of Love and Music), Osiris (God of the Underworld), Horus (God of the Sun), Isis  (God of Fertility), and Tefnut (Goddess of Flames).


Why Did The Ennead Abandon Mankind, Explained

Ennead - Moon Knight Council of Gods
Why The Ennead Left?

Moon knight Episode 1 and 2 have already revealed that the big bad wolf of the show will be Ammit, the Egyptian Goddess who judges the dead and devours the unworthy souls. Her judgment, according to Harrow, is absolute. Ammit is currently imprisoned in an underground tomb after being exiled by the other Gods. Not even the other Egyptian Gods know of her location.

Moon Knight Episode 3 Night Sky Scene
Moon Knight Episode 3 Night Sky Scene

Moon Knight Episode 3 establishes the fact that if an Ennead God is out of line, the other Gods can combine their powers and imprison the rogue God in stone. That is what happens to Khonshu when he tries to rewind the night sky back to what it was 2000 years ago. When a God commits an act too grave, the other Gods band together and punish him. That is how the Ennead stay in line.

Ammit - Arthur Harrow
Ammit – Arthur Harrow

Ammit must have done something similar ages ago. She must have revolted against the Ennead’s ideals. Ammit wants to be judge, jury, and executioner for humanity, ushering in a golden age for all the noble folks judged by her to be worthy. Her act of actively trying to take over humanity or affect human affairs in such a drastic manner must have led to a war between the Gods. The anti-Ammit faction of the Egyptian Gods won and then imprisoned the rogue goddess using the same technique they used on Khonshu in Moon Knight Episode 3.


Humanity Lost Faith On The Ennead Due To Ammit

Ammit - Marvel Comics
Ammit – Marvel Comics

Ammit’s actions are the reason humanity abandoned the Ennead. When the very Gods you worship end up betraying you, you tend to do that. Maybe that is also why the Ennead are so few in numbers. The gods who sided with Ammit have either been imprisoned like her or killed.


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