Thor: Love and Thunder Set Photos Reveal Return of Asgard

Thor : Love and Thunder Set Photos Reveal Return of Asgard
Thor : Love and Thunder Set Photos Reveal Return of Asgard
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ASGARD is being recreated!! Photographs from the set of Thor: Love and Thunder have gone viral and fans from all over the world are taken aback. How will Asgard, the destroyed land rise again? This is the fourth standalone movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sub-franchise, and to everyone’s delight, the set photos guarantee that it will mark the return to Asgard. Chris Hemsworth, appearing as the Prince of Asgard, is heading another standalone project after working in Thor’s standalone movie.


The Marvel Journey

Ragnarök | Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki | Fandom
Destruction of Asgard

After Thor: Ragnarok’s huge success in 2017, the director and writer, Taika Waititi has decided to embark upon this new project with Chris Hemsworth returning in and as Thor: Love and Thunder. Hemsworth played Thor, the titular god, in this fictional universe created by Marvel after the first movie in the franchise, Thor hit screens in 2011. The movie will yet again return to the adventures of Thor with Mjölnir and in Asgard. Yes, ASGARD, the one they destroyed in the last movie from the franchise. Waititi has chosen to use Asgard, Thor’s home planet, for his standalone movie bringing together the warmth of love and the wrath of thunders in one screen for us.

Hemsworth And Who?

Thor 4 Love and Thunder- Cast
Thor 4 Cast

Thor: Love and Thunder promises action, drama, and characters who fans have been missing for way too long now. Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman will be back playing Valkyrie, the superheroine, and Jane Foster, respectively in the movie. Details regarding the plot and other characters have not been revealed, but the movie set photos seem to be beyond everything the Marvel fans have witnessed till now.


The Revival of ASGARD: A Glimpse Through Set Photos

Новые кадры со съемок «Тора 4» тизерят камео Мэтта Дэймона и Сэма Нила
Recreating the cliff and the ocean background of Asgard in Sydney, Australia

We have all seen Asgard being destroyed at the end of Thor: Ragnarok. We have also seen a number of Asgardians killed in the movie. So, it will be interesting to watch how Asgard rises again, or strangely enough, recreated. The set photos are pointing out towards Asgard in the movie, but it could also just be a flashback. However, what is even more interesting is that we will also get to see Thor returning to his home planet. The series will be making its way back to Asgard, where it all began. So, Chris Hemsworth will not be the only thing keeping us on the edge of our seats throughout the movie.

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