Thor 4: New Evidence Suggests that Guardians Will Only Have a Small Role

Thor 4: Set Photos From Highly Anticipated Sequel Revealed

Just a few days ago, we got our first look at Thor, Star-Lord, Kraglin, and Nebula from the set of Thor 4. The production had just begun, and people were excited to see Thor and the Guardians together. But it seems that the Asgardians of the Galaxy won’t stick together for too long. Mantis actress Pom Klementieff may not have been present in the recent set photos, but she was surely in Sydney, filming her scenes for the film. And now, her Instagram story suggests that she is in Abu Dhabi. Take a look:

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Along with her, Nebula actress Karen Gillan said goodbye to Australia. In her recent Instagram story, she showed off her nails with the caption “New city new nails.” She ended her post by writing, “Goodbye Australia, it was an absolute pleasure.”

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This proves that Nebula and Mantis won’t have major roles in the film. In fact, the likes of Dave Bautista and Chris Pratt may not have huge roles either. They could have finished filming their scenes as well. In the past few months, we’ve come across reports suggesting that Thor: Love and Thunder will have “an Avengers 5 feel” to it. Apparently, that will only be possible if Thor and the Guardians split up. This way, the film focus on other characters like Jane Foster, Valkyrie, and Gorr the God Butcher. So, it makes sense for the Guardians to have a smaller role in the film. Maybe they’ll show up in the first act, have a big opening action sequence, and then part ways for some reason.

Some Guardians Might Stick Around

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But, last year when Vin Diesel talked about his role in Thor 4, he implied that some Guardians could have bigger roles compared to the others. Groot and Rocket are better friends with Thor since they traveled to Nidavellir with him in Avengers: Infinity War. So, what if this pair sticks around with Thor, while the rest of the Guardians embark on another side mission that takes place behind the scenes? This could surely be a possibility. And, we would love it if the likes of Rocket and Groot end up meeting Korg and Miek. Their conversations could be hilarious!

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You know what will be the perfect situation? Imagine this – Thor 4 opens up with the Asgardians of the Galaxy busting heads in a space battle. Then for some reason, the team splits into two halves. Rocket and Groot join Thor on his journey, while Kraglin, Star-Lord, Nebula, Drax, and Mantis possibly follow a lead on Gamora. Then during the final battle when all hopes are lost, these Guardians come in all guns blazing to turn the tables in favor of Team Thor. They’d be joining Thor, the Mighty Thor, Valkyrie, Rocket, Korg, Groot, and Sif in the battle against Gorr the God Butcher.

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Now, this is what you call an “Avengers 5 feel.” But if this scenario has to turn into reality, then Taika Waititi should have shot the final battle by now. And that’s where things become doubtful because the production only began recently. So, it’s easier to believe that the Guardians will get separated from Thor in the beginning, and move on to their adventures in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. This will also allow Thor and Jane to have more time together. So, let’s see what happens when Thor 4 arrives on May 6, 2022.


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