Moon Knight: Who Are The Ennead?

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The Moon Knight series is a part of the MCU phase four. It is a series different from all other Marvel movies and shows. It is going to be a new experience for Marvel fans with a different character. The series has an unreliable narrator and action scenes with chunks of time missing. Plus the action is going to be like no other MCU creation. The series is going to introduce fans to some characters the movie and series fans have never heard of before, like the Ennead.


Enneads are mentioned in the series by Steven Grant to his Boss, while he is working at the museum. The character is really fascinated by Egyptian Mythology and History. His boss is confused by the reference and so are the MCU fans. Enneads are related to ancient Egypt and become a part of the Marvel storyline with the Egyptian gods. They would be a part of the Moon Knight story and here is everything you need to know about them.

The Ennead as the ancient Egyptian deities

Ennead in Egyptian History
The Ennead in Egyptian History

Many times comics take references from ancient mythology. Both DC and Marvel comics have characters and storylines inspired by Roman and Greek mythology. The Enneads are beings who wield cosmic and elemental energies and hail from the realm of Heliopolis. In Egyptian mythology, the Egyptian gods are mentioned as The Ogdoad, but a council of Gods was called the Enneads. It is similar to the Greek Gods being referred to as Olympians.


The Enneads include the family of the Sun God, Atum. They are his children Shu and Tefnat and their children Geb and Nut. Also, their children are a part of the council, Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys. They are the nine gods worshipped at Heliopolis and are the most powerful gods in history. In the Marvel comics, the Gods are not all the same as the mythology.

The Ennead in the Marvel comics

Who are the Ennead?
Who is the Ennead?

In the Marvel comics, the Ennead started with the same members as the mythology, but in this case, they change as the regime rise and falls. Some of them even retired. They are inspired by Norse beings and have superpowers like superstrength and magical arts. They are capable of speaking all languages as well.

But the one thing that differs completely from mythology is their residence. Rather than being worshipped as the gods of the sky or the underworld, they live in a dimension known as Celestial Heliopolis. The Ennead only visit Earth when there are celestials visiting Earth or when they are worshipped. The access to Ear for the Ennead is in Egypt and that is where most of their followers live.


The Ennead who are already a part of MCU

Enneads mentioned in the Moon Knight
The Ennead mentioned in the Moon Knight

There are some members of the Ennead who have already been shown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of them is Khonshu, the Moon God. He is a part of the Moon Knight series and is the source of the character’s powers. Another Ennead who is in the MCU is Ammit. Ammit is the one who is worshipped by Arthur Harrow. He is known as the Devourer of the Dead. He is the one who decides the fate of the dead.

The third Ennead to be mentioned in MCU is Bast or Bastet. She is the daughter of Ra and Isis. Also is the deity the Wakadans worshipped in Black Panther. So far we have had these Enneads, but probably with the new series, we might get to see some other members on the screen as well.

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