Thor 4 Theory: Gorr Killed Celestials To Become “The God Butcher”

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The trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder may be right around the corner. But before it arrives, I’d like to present a theory about the new MCU villain that is going to take on Thor, Mighty Thor, King Valkyrie, and Korg all at once. Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher is a relatively new comic book villain compared to the others we’ve seen in the MCU. And he should possess some serious power to be able to take on 4 extremely strong characters altogether. The reason he’d prove to be a danger to Thor is that he may be a Celestial killer in the MCU! Yes, we believe that Gorr killed Celestials!


Gorr the Godbutcher in the Comics

To give you a little history on Gorr, he made his debut in Jason Aaron’s Thor: God of Thunder #1 back in January 2013. His backstory is actually quite tragic. He was a true believer in the Gods but then his mother, his pregnant wife, and his child ended up dying due to starvation. And after losing them, his belief in all Gods also died. Then there was an instance where he witnessed the Symbiote God Knull battling a Golden God. While Knull was injured, his weapon, i.e. the All Black Necrosword ended up bonding with Gorr. Yes, it bonded with Gorr as it is considered to be Marvel’s first symbiote.


Being angry at all Gods for not saving his family, Gorr drew first blood by killing the Golden God. Then as he was empowered by the All Black sword, he vowed to kill all Gods since they didn’t answer his prayers.

The All Black Necrosword

Gorr does not possess any special powers of his own, but the All Black made him insanely strong. It was forged by Knull within the head of a Celestial that he killed right after the Big Bang filled the universe with Light Elements. This head came to be known as Knowhere.


But the All Black is pretty lethal because it was forged out of a Dark Matter stone of the endless night before the Big Bang. And since it was forged within a Celestial, the blade actually carries the powers of the dead celestial. Knull had it for years and years but once Gorr got the sword, he was also imbued with all that power. It covers him like a cloak, allows him to fly, create all sorts of weapons, and summon an army of black berserkers.

After getting the Sword, he has been killing Gods for over 3000 years. That’s how he got the title of the God Butcher. Now let’s try and predict how things could be slightly different in the MCU.


Gorr Killed Celestials in the MCU

Eternals really opened up the cosmic end of the MCU recently. We saw Celestials and got to know of their big role in the universe. Since everything is so tightly knit and connected in the MCU, it’s possible that a Celestial may be responsible for Gorr’s origin. Every planet has a Celestial seed. So maybe Gorr’s home planet would have been destroyed by an emerging Celestial. Somehow, he ended up surviving the Emergence. And since then, he could have sworn to kill all Celestial Gods.


In the Marvel Universe, Celestials are actually considered Gods. So Our theory is that Gorr became the God Butcher by killing Celestials over the years. Eson the Searcher could have fallen prey to his might. He hasn’t been seen or heard of because he may have been chasing down these gigantic robots. And now, he may have turned his attention to other Gods like Zeus, and Thor. We’d probably see him kill Zeus on screen. So yea, Thor may be in grave danger once Gorr shows up. Possessing the cosmic energy of a Celestial and having killed many of those robotic Gods, Gorr would prove to be the toughest opponent that Thor has ever fought.

Gorr killed Celestials

Although, it will be interesting to see how Gorr would have got the Necrosword in the MCU. After all, Knull will probably be introduced in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. As always, Marvel will make a few changes to his backstory, and maybe even his powers. Since Knull is not present in the MCU, maybe Gorr was the one to kill the Celestial that became Knowhere. Then he could have forged the All Black on his own. That would make him quite lethal.

But what do you guys think about this theory? Let us know in the comments.



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