Moon Knight Episode 2 Theory Totally Ruins The MCU Hero

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Moon Knight is the latest talk of the town for superhero lovers. Marc Spector is here and he is delivering Khonshu’s punishment to every evildoer without any exceptions. Oscar Isaac is totally rocking it as the Fist of Khonshu. But all is not well in the world of Moon Knight. This Moon Knight Episode 2 theory may have proved the MCU is ruining the hero. If this theory from Moon Knight Episode 2 is to be believed, then Marvel Studios has taken some major creative liberties while making the show.



And this does complicate things. According to this Moon Knight theory, the lunar avenger we all know and adore isn’t exactly what we see in the MCU. In one major aspect, the MCU Moon Knight is different from the comic book version of the hero.


Moon Knight Episode 2 May Have Spilled The Beans On How MCU’s Moon Knight Is Different From The Comics

Moon Knight - Comics vs Show
Moon Knight – Comics vs Show

From what we have seen in Moon Knight Episode 1, it is clear that Steven already has the Marc persona in his head. And along with him, he also has the powers of the Moon Knight before the events of the first episode unravel.

Moon Knight Episode 2 shows how Marc comes to terms with his powers and the person living rent-free inside his head. As Marc and Steven interact more and more with each other, more secrets untangle that lead to even more head-scratching dead ends. Throw Khonshu into the mix and we have a cauldron of confusion ready to implode at a moment’s notice.

Mr. Knight Moon Knight
Mr. Knight Moon Knight

Within all this hullabaloo, a few key details scattered across Moon Knight Episode 2 may have hinted at a very cruel conclusion. The MCU Moon Knight is not the same as the comic book Moon Knight. And the difference lies within Marc/Steven’s mind. if this theory is true, it could change the way fans see the live action Moon Knight in future MCU phases.


Moon Knight Episode 2 Theory: Marc Spector Is Dead. Khonshu Fused Him With Steven To Save His Life

Moon Knight - Steven Talks To School Girl
Moon Knight – Steven Talks To School Girl

There were multiple hints given throughout both the Moon Knight episodes. Steven Grant of the gift shop is seen talking to a little girl about ancient Egyptian belief system about the afterlife. Steven explains that people in ancient Egypt believed you need the heart when you pass on to the next plane because that’s how you will be judged. Then the school girl asks Steven how it felt to be rejected.

To that Steven says:

“Well that doesn’t make sense because I’m not dead, am I. Am I?”

Moon Knight - Marc & Steven
Moon Knight – Marc & Steven

This theory claims that ‘school girl’ was nothing but a figment of Steven’s imagination. Then in Moon Knight Episode 2, Marc and Steven finally have a heart to heart which kind of confirms this theory. Marc says that once he pays his debt to Khonshu, Steven can “have [his] body back.” In the comics, Marc almost dies in the desert before Khonshu saves him by making Marc his avatar. Could MCU’s Marc really have died in Egypt, allowing Khonshu to resurrect Marc By fusing him with an innocent person’s body like Steven’s?

Moon Knight Episode 2
Moon Knight Episode 2 – Summon The Suit

Could the little school girl conversation in episode 1 have a deeper meaning? Could Marc’s conversation with Steven in Moon Knight’s second episode be hinting at Marc’s death? Is Marc spector on borrowed time within Steven Grant’s body?

If This Moon Knight Episode 2 Theory Is True, It Means The MCU Ruined Moon Knight

Moon Knight - Dissociative Identity Disorder
Moon Knight – Dissociative Identity Disorder is his whole identity

The entire premise of Moon Knight, his whole identity that sets him apart is his mental instability. Marc Spector is a burning example of how mental illness does not stop you from being the better person. He is an icon for patients of mental health. In the comics, Moon Knight is known to be diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Multiple personas live inside his head, each vying for control.

Take that vital aspect of Moon Knight away and what do we have? He’s just a lowly wannabe superhero just like every other hero of Marvel Comics. By making Steven an actual separate entity, this Moon Knight theory may have confirmed it. The MCU is ruining Moon Knight.



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