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10 Marvel Heroes Who Have Made Kang The Conqueror Kneel

Kang The Conqueror is THE supervillain in Marvel’s universe. Nathaniel Richards was born on Earth-6311. A time-traveler from Earth-616 brought peace on Earth-6311 and was called the Benefactor. When Nathaniel Richards returned to his original timeline and because he got bored of the peace, he traveled back in time to become a conqueror. Kang the Conqueror has time-traveled and has created so many of his variants that they become his biggest foe later. He even forms a council of the Kangs to get rid of his variants. After Thanos, fans have been eagerly waiting for Kang’s introduction to the MCU. But before that happens, let’s take a look at the 10 Marvel Heroes who defeated Kang The Conqueror.

1. Among the famous Avengers that we all know is an Avenger we know very little about, and that is- Black Knight. Black Knight was first a villain, but when his nephew took the mantle, he decided to change the image from a villain to a hero. His victory over Kang and The Grandmaster with his sword, Ebony Blade, gave him a place in the Avengers.

Black Knight 10 Marvel Heroes Who Have Made Kang The Conqueror Kneel
Black Knight

2. In Secret Wars, many villains and heroes were sent to Battleworld to see who would win, the evil or the good. Kang was also sent as a part of the villain’s group, and later we found that Deadpool was sent too. During the fight, Merc-with-a-mouth saw Kang attacking Captain America and killed him in a typical “Deadpool style,” with a shot to the groin.

Deadpool Kang 10 Marvel Heroes Who Have Made Kang The Conqueror Kneel

3. While on his quest to find the Celestial Madonna, he captured Agatha Harkness, Scarlet Witch, Mantis, and a few of the Avengers. But he leaves The Swordsman, not thinking of him as much of a threat. He sacrificed himself while saving them and successfully stopped Kang.

The Celestial Madonna - Kang War I 10 Marvel Heroes Who Have Made Kang The Conqueror Kneel

4. To stop Avengers from forming a team, Kang decided to travel back in time and erase their ancestors. To erase Hulk’s ancestors, he went back to WWII, but Hulk intervened and helped the Allies win. This resulted in the survival of his grandfather and stopping Kang from succeeding in his mission.

Hulk 10 Marvel Heroes Who Have Made Kang The Conqueror Kneel

5. Among the 10 Marvel heroes who defeated Kang, the Avengers, and Fantastic Four were his greatest enemies. We know now that Hulk defeated him, but one more hero helped the two teams and gave Kang the taste of his first defeat- Doctor Strange. He helped the Fantastic Four in his astral form and helped them defeat Rama-Tut.

Doctor Strange 10 Marvel Heroes Who Have Made Kang The Conqueror Kneel
Doctor Strange

6. We saw Scarlet Witch’s reality-altering powers recently. When Immortus had Scarlet in his control, Agatha Harkness, her teacher and the greatest witch rescued her. Together, they stopped him and helped Time Keepers entrap him.

Wandavision Season 1, Ep 3 Review 10 Marvel Heroes Who Have Made Kang The Conqueror Kneel

7. As we mentioned earlier, his own variants acted as his foes, and Iron Lad is one example. The member of Young Avengers was, in fact, Kang’s younger version. Nathaniel Richards stole Kang’s tech, traveled back in time, and became Iron Lad. He defeated his future self, Kang, but that resulted in a time paradox.

Could LOKI's Kang Reveal Hint at a Future Young Avenger? - Nerdist
Iron Lad

8. Kang raised Ahura, son of Black Bolt, who was actually sent to him to escape the dangers. But when the Inhumans traveled back in time, they showed Ahura his dark future. After that, Ahura created a duplicate version of himself and persuaded him to undo the damage done to Inhumans. He threatened to stop harming them or face death.

12 Heroes Who Have Defeated
Ahura, son of Black Bolt

9. Moon Knight gathered his versions of past-self using time-traveling totems and defeated Kang The Conqueror.

Moon Knight against Kang

10. Havok, the leader of Uncanny Avengers, defeated Kang using the stolen powers of a Celestial.

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