Moon Knight Theory: Eternals Defeated Ammit’s Last Avatar

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Moon Knight is coming up for an explosive episode 5. The previous episode was arguably the best of the lot. Wild revelations and insane plot twists made the last Moon Knight episode a saga to remember. But a certain Moon Knight theory going around is still giving fans sleepless nights. A certain scene in the trailer showed us Ammit’s previous Avatar. And this Moon Knight theory connects the show to Eternals. Moon Knight and Eternals may be sharing a secret history according to this theory.

Eternals - Moon Knight
Eternals – Moon Knight Connection

How much water does this new Moon Knight theory really hold? Let’s find out.


SPOILERS ALERT: Major spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 4

Who Was Ammit’s Last Avatar?

Moon Knight - Alexander the Great
Moon Knight – Alexander the Great

Ammitthe Egyptian Goddess of the Underworld that devours unworthy souls, is the big bad wolf of Moon Knight. Arthur Harrow is trying to bring her back because he wants her to rid the world of all evil. While that will probably happen in the coming episodes, Moon Knight episode 4 showed us this wasn’t Ammit’s first rodeo. She had already tried to use her powers to conquer the world and remake it in her own image.

Ammit's Ushabti - Moon Knight
Ammit’s Ushabti – Moon Knight

Moon Knight Episode 4 reveals that Ammit’s Ushabti, the stone statue she is imprisoned in, is inside the body of her last avatar. When Marc and Layla make it into the tomb, a huge sarcophagus with Macedonian inscriptions come to light. Macedonia just so happens to be the birthplace of one of history’s greatest conquerors. The tomb was for Alexander the great, Ammit’s last known host. His tomb was never found in real life and so the show played on that fact. Alexander’s mummified corpse was revealed to be inside the cave that also held Ammit’s Ushabti.

Ammit’s last avatar was a Macedonian dictator who first conquered the world and then settled down in Egypt as a Pharaoh.


How Eternals Connect To Moon Knight, Explained

The Eternals
The Eternals

The Eternals are a race of sentient beings with Godlike powers sent to different planets to help in the birth of new Celestials. A group of Eternals came to Earth, as shown in the movie, and landed near Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization back in those ancient times. The exact time period happens to be 5000 BC. Arishem ordered them to fight the Deviants and bring humanity to its prime, to power the Celestial seed at our planet’s core. For the Eternals to execute their plan, they needed humanity to not just survive but thrive through many, many centuries.

Ammit - Arthur Harrow
Ammit – Arthur Harrow

The Egyptian Civilization reached its peak way after the Eternals came. The Pyramids were built around 2500 BC. Alexander the Great, Ammit’s last avatar, breathed his last in 323 BC. By that time, the Eternals had already had a major presence on Earth and they were keeping a close watch on humanity. When Ammit first tried to destroy mankind, the Eternals were bound to take notice. The theory is that Ammit’s avatar encountered the Eternals in battle. The Eternals would not have wanted the work they had been doing for so many centuries go to waste because of Ammit. So they helped the world get rid of the Rogue god by slaying her avatar.


Will The Series Give Us An Eternals Reference?

Eternals - Teaser Trailer 1
Eternals – Are they coming to the show?

While showing us a live Eternal is out of the question and is highly unlikely to happen, a reference to the movie is plausible. The timeline checks out and since the Eternals had been secretly guiding humanity for so long, a world conquering dictator who has the blessings of a rogue Egyptian God hellbent on passing judgment on the entire human race must have gotten their attention.

Is this how Alexander the Great meet his demise? Were the Eternals responsible for killing him and pushing back Ammit’s plans? is this why Ammit is on the movie now that she knows the Eternals are gone?



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