Moon Knight Episode 4: Third Persona Isn’t Jake Lockley, It’s A Classic Moon Knight Villain

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Moon Knight Episode 4 has brought with it a busload of speculation and theories. The fourth episode in the 6 part series sees Marc Spector/Steven Grant team up with Layla and travel to Egypt. There they must fight Harrow’s forces and get to Ammit before Arthur Harrow does. It is a literal race against time for Moon Knight. But Moon knight Episode 4 goes beyond that. It has given us some terrific food for thought. Moon Knight Episode 4 finally reveals Marc’s third persona and it is heavily hinted that it is not who you think.


SPOILER ALERT: Massive Spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 4 up ahead…..

Moon Knight & His Multiple Personas In Comics, Explained

Marc's Multiple Personalities, Explained
Marc’s Multiple Personalities, Explained

Marc Spector is a mentally unstable hero. He suffers from dissociative personality disorder or DID for short. In popular culture, the mental illness is better known as Split Personality Disorder. it leads to a person’s psyche being fractured, with each psyche getting distinct traits and skills. Moon Knight has had his mind fractured into multiple personas in the comic books. Steven Grant is a billionaire and a Bruce Wayne like figure in the comics. Marc Spector is a rough and tough mercenary who knows his way around a brawl fight. The Third persona – Jake Lockley, is a cab driver who handles a network of spies and informants throughout the city.

Moon Knight and Mr. Knight
Moon Knight and Mr. Knight

Apart from that, Moon Knight and Mr. Knight are two distinct separate personas that have access to Khonshu’s gifts that make them superhuman.

Moon Knight Has Been Secretly Hinting At A Hidden Third Persona Since Episode 1

Moon Knight Episode 1
Moon Knight Episode 1

Ever since Episode 1 of Moon Knight, fans have been arguing over the fact that there is a secret third persona the show is subtly hinting at. The show is obsessed with the number 3. Marc sometimes has three reflections when looking at the mirror. The credits sequence shows Oscar Isaac’s face fractured into three parts. The number three is always represented in the show in one fashion or the other.

Moon Knight Episode 3
Moon Knight Episode 3

And then in Moon Knight Episode 3, we get to see unexplained blackouts that neither Marc nor Steven could explain. This teases that there is another persona at work that the fans do not know about.


Moon Knight Episode 4 Reveals Third Persona Isn’t Jake Lockley

Moon Knight - It's Not Jake Lockley
Moon Knight – It’s Not Jake Lockley

Fans had already been suspicious if the third persona of Marc in Moon Knight was actually Jake Lockley. He did not have the violent tendencies to pull off those bloody acts. It was already theorized that Marc was somehow responsible for the death of Layla’s father. We have already come up with a theory that the third persona was the one who killed him. But the fourth episode proves it wasn’t Jake Lockley. 

Moon Knight - Marc reveals He Had a Previous 'Partner'
Moon Knight – Marc reveals He Had a Previous ‘Partner’

In the latest episode, Marc tells layla that while he was there when her father was killed, it was his ‘partner’ that got greedy and executed everyone. Marc was almost shot to death but he survived. Marc never reveals who shot him so it could very well be Layla’s father who shot back at Marc’s third persona for his betrayal. All roads lead to Marc’s third persona being the culprit. And from the looks of it, it sounds like a classic Moon Knight Villain.

Marc Spector Reveals His 'Partner' Killed Everyone, including Layla's Father
Marc Spector Reveals His ‘Partner’ Killed Everyone, including Layla’s Father

Marc’s Third Persona is Raoul Bushman, a ruthless mercenary who led a group of brutal terrorists and hitmen that worked for the highest bidder. In the closing moments of Moon Knight Episode 4, we see a sarcophagus inside the mental hospital that is bloodied red. It is a clear hint at Bushman, whose face was carved out by Moon Knight in the comics, which he then offered to Khonshu as sacrifice.

Moon Knight Episode 4 - Red Sarcophagus
Moon Knight Episode 4 – Red Sarcophagus Hides The Bushman Persona

It is a clear hint at Bushman, whose face was carved out by Moon Knight in the comics, which he then offered to Khonshu as sacrifice.

Who is Raoul Bushman – The Potential Third Persona of Marc Spector?

Raoul Bushman - Marvel Comics
Raoul Bushman – Marvel Comics

Raoul Bushman was born in the African nation of Burunda. From a young age, he became adept at swordsmanship and guerilla warfare. His reputation in close combat and psychological warfare made him an urban legend. Bushman soon started working for shady corporations and clashed with Moon Knight.

Moon Knight Carves Out Bushman's Face For Khonshu
Moon Knight Carves Out Bushman’s Face For Khonshu

In one fateful encounter, Bushman ended up having his face carved out. Marc would offer Bushman’s face to Khonshu as a gift in the same issue. Raoul Bushman and Marc go way back, the former being the latter’s oldest arch-nemesis. Moon Knight Episode 4 may have added a twist to the tale and made Bushman Marc’s third persona. This would indeed explain a lot.



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