The Most Powerful Moon Knight Villains We Wish To See In Future

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The Moon Knight series is streaming on Disney+, with new episodes every Wednesday. So far the series has released 3 episodes and scored 87% on Rotten Tomatoes. With Oscar Isaac in the lead role, this Marvel series is something fresh for the fans to see. The series already has introduced Arthur Harrow, played by Ethan Hawke as the villain. It also includes Midnight Man, played by Gaspard Ulliel. But there are some other villains in the Moon Knight comics that the fans want to see in the series. Check out this list to see if you agree.


Moon Shade should be a part of the series

Moon Shade powerful villains in moon knight fans want to see
Moon Shade

The evil doppelganger of Moon Knight, Moon Shade appears in The Infinity War crossover. He absorbed the life and powers of variants of Moon Knights from different universes and dimensions. Also, he had attempted to absorb the life of Franklin Richards. Moon Shade can travel through the multiverse and also is a ruthless killer. His ability to get stronger by absorbing the life of others makes him the strongest villain in the Moon Knight. His powers and the ability to travel through the multiverse should be used in MCU and must be a part of the series.

Shadow Knight is one villain fans want to see

Shadow Knight powerful villains in moon knight fans want to see
Shadow Knight

One of the most powerful comic book villains fans want to see in the future is Shadow Knight. Not just powerful, he is a personal rival as well. He is the younger brother of Marc, Randall Spector. His powers are a lot like Moon Knight’s and he can shoot fire blasts from his eyes. Also, he has enhanced strength and agility. And he is one of the easiest villains to include in the storyline of the Moon Knight series. One of the most personal and popular rivalries is this one and must be included.


Werewolf By Night should be in Moon Knight

Werewolf By Night powerful villains fans want to see in moon knight
Werewolf By Night

Jack Russell is one of the most powerful villains in the comics. He can turn into a Werewolf by night and this gives him superhuman abilities. The transformed state gives him strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and quick reflexes. Also, he is hard to injure and the only thing he is vulnerable to is silver. And he was the first villain Moon Knight fought in the comic series. Though later the two developed an understanding, he was initially a villain to Marc Spector.

The Zodiac should appear in future

The Zodiac fans want to see in moon knight
The Zodiac

In the Moon Knight comic book, The Zodiac is an organization of astrological-themed supervillains. All of them are masters of different powers. Moon Knight has fought the second iteration of the group. They were the android counterparts of the main members of the team. Though they were just androids, they were just as intelligent and powerful. He had fought Taurus, who had retractable horns, Virgo with the ability to absorb others’ powers, and Libra who could fly and was intangible. He fought them as a member of the Defenders. The powerful organization must be in the future of the series.

Bushman should be included in Moon Knight Bushman fans want to see in moon knight

BushmanOne of the deadliest villains in Moon Knight has to be Bushman. He is highly skilled in martial arts and could be one of the best at it in the Marvel Universe or Multiverse. Though he doesn’t have any superpowers, he is a well-trained soldier and has great mercenary skills. He is a master at various fighting styles and using types of weapons. He had hired Marc Spector to fight in a guerilla war in Sudan. But his violent tendency was not liked by Marc. This led to the conflict between the two that only grew after Marc became Moon Knight.


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