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10 Strongest Gods Of Evil In The Entire Marvel Universe, Ranked

There are many Dark Gods scattered all across the Marvel Comic Book Universe. And many of them hold power beyond our wildest imaginations.

Kly’bn – The Eternal Skrull


When the Skrulls were a primitive race, there were three sib-species each vying for control. Eternal Skrulls were less in number but had access to amazing abilities. The Deviant Skrulls were larger in number and in the ensuing Civil War, massacred the Eternal Skrulls. Kly’bn was the last of his kind who managed to convince the Deviant Skrulls to spare him and worship him as their deity. His strength is similar to Thor and Hercules’. He can also shoot laser beams from his eyes. Kly’bn later wrote the Book of Worlds, the religious scripture which was the reason for the Skrulls trying to invade the Earth because of a certain prophecy written into it.

Ares – The God Of War

The Greek God Ares

Ares is the Greek God of War. In Marvel Comics, his strength is inferior to that of Thor and even Hercules. But since he is the God of conflicts, he has knowledge of every battle tactic, strategy, and martial arts technique. Using all of his abilities in tandem, Ares has proven to be a formidable opponent to beat. The guy also draws strength from conflicts he incites all over the globe. So he is mostly seen in war-torn areas, sowing seeds of distrust and violence. He is also one of the few Gods whose powers do not reduce while traveling across realms and dimensions.

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Seth – Egyptian God Of Evil


The Egyptian Death God really had big dreams. He stole the mantle of the ruler of the Egyptian Underworld from Anubis. But he did not stop there. What Seth really wanted was to conquer the entire multiverse and end all life, giving him absolute domain over the cosmos. Seth is not as physically strong as the other Gods but he more than makes up for it with magic and skillful manipulation. He possesses a hellfire like ability like Ghost Rider’s and can absorb the life force and abilities of Gods and Mortals.

Walker – The God That Absorbed An Entire Galaxy Of Souls


The entity known as Walker hails from a distant corner of the universe. Since there were not many Gods to worship where he came from, Walker had legions of followers who prayed to him. He grew in power and eventually absorbed the souls of an entire galaxy. At one point, Walker had the ability to end all life in the universe if he willed it. Walker does get brownie points for sheer power but it gets very hard to control them for him at times. Also most of his energies are spent keeping the souls from escaping his body. If by any chance they do get out, Walker becomes powerless and useless.

Cyttorak – The God Of Rage & Destruction


He is a primordial entity of sheer chaos. His power was so great that he is later confined to the Crimson Cosmos dimension. Cyttorak lusts for power all the time. To ensure he has a legion of followers who worship him, he literally created a race of elves to pray to him. The God can grant a portion of his power to anyone who bends the knee to him. Capable of powerful magic, Cyttorak created the Crimson Gem of Cuttorak, which gave Juggernaut his unstoppable momentum. One time, he swatted a direct attack from the might Phoenix Force, Cyttorak is not to be trifled with.

The Serpent – The Asgardian God Of Fear

Cul Borson

Cul Borson is Odin’s brother and holds such tremendous power even the all-Father is scared of him. He literally feeds on fear and can grow exponentially stronger than any Asgardian God. His feats of strength include shattering Captain America’s Vibranium shield with his bare hands. He is also a master of Asgardian Magic and can turn into a giant serpent at will. He was only stopped during the “Fear Itself” storyline because Thor sacrificed his life to beat Cul.

Chthon – The World’s First Dark Sorcerer


He was once an Elder God that ruled the planet for more than a million years. There are mentions of Chthon’s power and influence in ancient texts sin the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Chthon was the world’s first dark sorcerer who mastered the art of dark magic. He created an entire dimension for himself to preside over. Chthon’s greatest feat seems to be creating the Darkhold, a book that containing the most evil and powerful spells ever. The only Kryptonite he does seem to have is that he cannot leave his home-dimension anymore and so is forced to operate via a multitude of hosts to do his bidding.

Amatsu-Mikaboshi – The Chaos King

Chaos King

Amatsu-Mikaboshi is a being hailing from the Primordial Void. So he predates the entire multiverse. A Japanese God who guards the Land of the Unliving, Amatsu-Mikaboshi was responsible for the events of Chaos wars. He laid siege to Olympus and defeated a plethora of Gods from different pantheons. The entity controls a horde of un-dead zombies, creates energy bolts that are on par with Zeus’ lightning bolts and has immense magical reservoirs. His physical strength is also on par with Thor’s.

Knull – The God Of Symbiotes


Marvel’s King In Black is the strongest Dark God to ever grace the Marvel cosmos. Knull was the first entity that ruled the dark abyss that was the void before the Big bang happened. The Celestials used their powers to encroach upon his territory and create light. Knull, who ruled the darkness, was not pleased. He created the Necro-Sword, a weapon that can kill a Celestial. The symbiotes became his personal foot soldiers against his war on the forces of light. Knull has recently returned to the Marvel Comic Book Universe with a vengeance.

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