Marvel Finally Introduces New Metal Stronger Than Adamantium & Vibranium

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Which is stronger? Is it Black Panther’s Vibranium or Wolverine’s Adamantium? For decades, this debate has taken the Marvel fandom by storm. Some opt for the former. Some support the latter. But Marvel has come up with an answer. Marvel reveals neither Vibranium nor Adamantium are the strongest Marvel metal. That honor goes to a whole new element discovered by none other than the X-Men.


The Jonathan Hickman run on the X-Men has seen the mutant race of earth develop by leaps and bounds. The Mutants have amassed on the island of Krakoa, the new mutant nation. There the X-Men have helped achieve remarkable feats. By synergizing their powers, the mutants have conquered death itself. Many formerly dead mutants are being brought back to life using the combined powers of the mutants of Krakoa.


But Al Ewing’s SWORD comic book run is also not far behind in that regard. It is also introducing some mind-numbing story lines into the Marvel Comic Book Universe. The X-Men are not satisfied with gaining immortality. They are now entering whole new dimensions in search of secret, never before seen treasure. A dimension known as the “Mysterium Tremendum” is said to be at the heart of all creation. There, the X-Men enter what is called the White Hot Room of Secret Fire. That name might resonate with a lot of ardent X-Men fans. The White Hot Room of secret Fire is the core of the realm of the Phoenix Force. There the X-Men intend to retrieve a new metal – Mysterium.

What Is Mysterium


The mutants call this newly discovered metal as Mysterium. And according to their scientists, it is way rarer and more valuable than both Adamantium and Vibranium combined. When Mysterium is newly acquired, it is apparently easily malleable and easy to shape. But once it sets a shape, it has ten times the tensile strength of adamantium and vibranium. It can conduct electricity better than the purest graphene and conducts no thermal energy through its body.

This means it is the perfect  material to build a spaceship that can literally pierce through the heart of the sun and come out unscathed.


Such is the value of the new metal that galactic powers have already declared it as the basis of a new currency called “The Sol”. The X-Men have steadily increased their influence as a galactic power in the cosmic scene. Professor X’s daughter is the current ruler of the Shi’Ar empire, with his father having served as the Shi’Ar Empress Lilandra’s consort. The mutant race has already started terra-forming Mars, with Storm as its Regent. Mars is now their self-declared capital of the Solar System. Mysterium is about to change everything in the Marvel Comic Book Universe.


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