Moon Knight Secretly Sets Up An Avengers Level Threat

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The adaptation of Egypt Gods and ancient mythology has been one of the most fascinating aspects of Moon Knight. Episode number 3 of this series fleshes out its Egyptian roots further. We get to take a closer look at the Egyptian deities and their antecedents.


These Gods, as the story goes, were active for many thousands of years. During this time, the relationship between them and humans was strained. From then onwards, they used their avatars to carry out their work. Episode 3 may have set up an Avenger-level threat. We take a closer look at this threat in this article. What do you think of it? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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A Recap of Episode 3 of Moon Knight

Moon Knight sets up an avengers level threat
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In episode 3, the Moon God Khonshu and Marc Spector summon the Ennead members. This is done to accuse Arthur Harrow of hatching a conspiracy to resurrect the Goddess Ammit. However, before the trial, Marc met with Yatzil. Yatzil is the avatar for the Goddess of love and music, Hathor. This character may become an Avengers level threat in the future. But who is she?

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Who is Hathor?

Moon Knight sets up an avengers level threat
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Hathor is the goddess of love and music. Moreover, she has already been mentioned in the MCU before. She also goes by the name Sekhmet.


It is revealed that the Moon God Khonshu knew Hathor well. Before he was banished by the Egyptian Gods, Khonshu enjoyed Hathor’s music and friendship.

When does Hathor Transform into Sekhmet?

Moon Knight sets up an avengers level threat
A still from the series

However, there is a dark side to Hathor, and this dark side could turn the Egyptian Goddess into an Avengers villain in the future. The story in the comics goes, that she became bloodthirsty after her father sent her to punish humanity. This made her hungry for death, which in turn transformed her into Sekhmet

Can Hathor/ Sekhmet turn out to be an Avenger Level Threat?

Moon Knight sets up an avengers level threat
Moon Knight from the comics

Sekhmet eventually became an enemy of the Black Panther. In the comics, she even kidnapped Black panther to attack the Avengers. This makes it possible, that the goddess could become an Avengers level threat in the future. Right now, she seems sympathetic to Khonshu and wants to help him. However, Khonshu is somewhat self-centered and thinks very less of others. His taking Hathor for granted might agitate her, and she might transform into the death-hungry Sekhmet. Yikes!


Where to Watch Moon Knight

Moon Knight airs on the streaming service Disney+.

Season 1 of the show would have 6 episodes. Each episode is 40-50 minutes long.

New episodes are released every Wednesday.

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