5 Infinity Saga Characters Who Need To Interact With Each Other

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After the success of the Infinity Saga, Marvel fans have been wishing for more team-ups and new alliances. In a previous article, we’ve talked about Marvel duos we wished to see more of. Now, we talk about Infinity Saga characters that we wish worked together. These characters have never interacted before, or if they did, they never formally met.


There are a lot of unexpected alliances in the world of Marvel Cinematic Universe. With all the battles and wars that happened, everyone needs a partner they can rely on. Here are our best picks for Infinity Saga characters that need to interact with each other more:


Black Panther & Thor

Black Panther & Thor Infinity Saga characters

The two royalty characters unknowingly worked together during the epic battle in Avengers: Infinity War. While Black Panther was leading his troop against the enemies, the God of Thunder arrived with his newly forged Stormbreaker to save the day.


Thor and T’Challa were so close yet they never had the chance to talk and formally meet. It would have been a royal moment for both of them.

Captain Marvel & Loki

Captain Marvel & Loki Infinity Saga characters


If there is one thing that Captain Marvel and Loki share, it is their relationship with the Tesseract. Loki has long been yearning to possess the powerful stone and Carol Danvers gained her superpowers from it.

Whether on Earth or in space, it would have been great if Captain Marvel and Loki had an interaction. If Loki finds out that she has the powers of the Tesseract, that would absolutely interest him.


Star-Lord & Ant-Man

Star-Lord & Ant-Man Infinity Saga characters

Now, this is a really interesting pair. Both characters offer comedic relief and fans can only wish that they will have an interaction sometime in the future. Scott Lang and Peter Quill appeared in different dimensions, one assisting the Avengers on Earth and the other fighting in space. If they ever get the chance to meet, wherever it will be, fans will be guaranteed a super funny encounter.


Gamora & Black Widow

Gamora & Black Widow Infinity Saga characters

They both belong to different teams and live in different spaces. Gamora and Black Widow are both fearless women who fought alongside their companions, proving that they are more than what meets the eye. They had a bitter past but they did not let that get in the way of proving themselves.


Their deaths have been the most painful parts of the Infinity Saga. It would have been so good if they were able to meet and fight alongside other women during the epic finale battle.

Shuri & Iron Man

Shuri & Tony Stark


Two heads are better than one, but what if we get two genius brains working together? Fans have been wishing for these two characters to meet and collaborate. If only the Stark Industries and Wakanda shared their resources to create state-of-the-art weapons and technologies, they would have formed a stronger defense against the enemies.

It would also be interesting to see how Shuri and Tony Stark would interact with each other. Blurting out scientific formulas, having epiphanic discoveries, and arguing over a small discrepancy in the design… the list goes on!


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