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5 Marvel Characters Who Are Better Off In DC (& 5 DC Characters Tailor-Made For Marvel)

A few heroes from Marvel feel like they should be with their rivals. Likewise, a few DC heroes feel like they would do better in Marvel. Here’s our take.

Made For DC: Doctor Doom

From the way he speaks and belittles his enemies to the lengths he goes to dispatch his foes, Doctor Doom makes for a good supervillain. But he is tailor-made for DC Comics since the power and intellect he exhumes does not match the enemies he fights. Superman is the only hero who could truly challenge Doctor Doom.

Made For Marvel: Shazam

A hero who is full of make believe ideals, striving to create the perfect world has no place in the DC universe. DC tries making Shazam serious and dark in the comics and fails most of the time. The movie captures the tone perfectly and that’s how Shazam should be portrayed as. Marvel would have done a better job with Shazam.

Made For DC: Storm

DC tries to make Gods try and relate with humans. Marvel does the polar opposite, make humans try to be Gods. Storm was once in possession of obscene levels of power back in her hay days. But then Marvel started to focus on the woman rather than the Goddess. Storm deserves to be in DC because Marvel nerfs her down.

Made For Marvel: Booster Gold

A janitor from the future who steals a time machine, armed with advanced technology and the knowledge of events that haven’t happened yet. Tell me how this does not scream a family-friendly Marvel movie full of witty one-liners. booster Gold is the gold standard of heroes Marvel seeks to make movies out of.

Made For DC: Silver Surfer

DC tends to make their characters so pure they are almost a cliché. And then they give that character an absurd power level. Norrin Radd’s origin story seems like the perfect story for a DC hero, not Marvel. And then there’s his Godlike power courtesy of his alien origins. Ring any bells?

Made For Marvel: Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter, just like Vision, struggles to understand humanity. He is the last of his kind and is a very powerful telepath. If he went rogue, the entire universe would cower in fear. Marvel would have definitely found a better use for Martian manhunter. Our guess is he would have been a pretty good supervillain in Vision’s Rogues’ Gallery.

Made For DC: Kang The Conqueror

Kang is a very complex character in the comics. Loki made it look like Kang speaks in a way he has something stuck in his molars. The level of his power resonates with Silver Age DC villains. DC is where Kang belongs, fighting Justice League with his time travel antics.

Made For Marvel: Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing is the avatar of the Green and protects this extra-dimensional energy that binds all plant life from falling into the wrong hands. He is no stranger to the bizarre and the arcane. Swamp Thing is yet to have a run as good Alan Moore’s legendary take on the character a few years ago. Doctor Strange would find a very powerful mystical ally within Swamp Thing considering he has already worked with Man-Thing.

Made For DC: Captain America

Cooked up in the Golden Age of comics, Captain America radiates an aura of perfection. While the rest of the Avengers have been humanized, Captain America is still seen as larger than life whenever he speaks or enters the room. He belongs in DC where characters like him do thrive.

Made For Marvel: Harley Quinn

Both DC and Marvel have amazing anti-hero characters. Marvel has Deadpool and Namor. DC has Deathstroke and the legendary Harley Quinn. Harley is still trying to gain a footing in the DC universe. DC fans are still getting accustomed to her adventures. Had she been in Marvel, Harley would have already aced it as an anti-hero. Considering Marvel Studios’ oddball choices for solo movies, we are pretty sure a Harley Quinn solo movie would have come much earlier.