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5 Most Notorious Womanizers From TV Shows Who Put Barney Stinson To Shame

One of the most common feats of sitcoms is showing a male character who goes after every woman he sees. And if you think that Barney Stinson is the worst amongst them then you are in the wrong. There are a few TV shows who have far more notorious womanizers, that would make you wonder that maybe Barney Stinson was better.

Even today such characters can be spotted in TV shows. But back in the 1990s to 2000s, they were quite a trend. These notorious womanizers could sometimes be likable and other times – simply unbearable. These characters were just added as the comic element to make the show funnier. Here are a few notorious womanizers who can put Barney Stinson to shame.

1. Schmidt from New Girl

Schmidt from New Girl is among notorious womanizers
Schmidt from New Girl

Airing between 2011 and 2018, New Girl is a sitcom that focused on the journey of Jessica Day who moves into a new apartment in LA, after she finds her boyfriend cheating on her. And then her life begins. In the series, playing the role of the notorious womanizer is Schmidt. Before he fell in love and became obsessed with Cece, he was one of the most notorious womanizers on TV. He was seen with a different woman almost every other day. Though, he would go out with different women, when he decided to really be dedicated to someone he did that. Also, it became apparent that his behavior was a way to fill a hole in his heart and become confident about himself.

2. Vincent Chase from Entourage

Vincent Chase from Entourage is among notorious womanizers
Vincent Chase from Entourage

Another show that had a fair run on TV was Entourage. It aired from 2004 to 2011. And it introduced us to one of the most notorious womanizers from the history of television. And this time it was the main character, Vincent Chase. He moves to Hollywood and hires his friends to work with him. It is said to be inspired by the story of actor Mark Walhberg. Vincent soon became and has a lot of fans. Including female fans. The sparkly world of Hollywood and women who are crazy about him makes Vincent consider. And he soon becomes a womanizer, going out with a new girl every day. And does what anyone who is rich and famous in their 20s would do.

3. Larry Dallas from Three’s Company

Larry Dallas from Three's Company is among notorious womanizers
Larry Dallas from Three’s Company

One of the oldest sitcoms with notorious womanizers has to Three’s Company. The show aired from 1977 to 1984. And was based on a British sitcom Man About The House. It is about three single roommates living together in an apartment complex. Jack Tripper lives with two women and is forced to pretend to be gay so he can avoid being questioned by the landlord. And Jack has a friend named Larry who is a total ladies’ man from the 70s. He was a notorious man who worked as a car salesman. And he would give his name out as Jack to save him from the trouble of dealing with jealous boyfriends. And would cause Jack some serious trouble now and then.

4. Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy

Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy is among notorious womanizers
Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy

An adult animated sitcom had to have one of the notorious womanizers. And the sitcom Family Guy did. It had Glenn Quagmire. The series began in 1999 and has over 380 episodes. The show revolves around the Griffin Family, and the people around them. And this character, Glenn is a recurring character in the series, voiced by Seth McFarlane is another womanizer. Once his heart is broken by the woman he loved, he decides to never open up again. He turns into a man who goes out with new women and has one-night stands. Not only is he a womanizer but also described as a pervert and a man who only craves sex. And his pick-up lines are quite inappropriate too.

5. Joey Tribianni from FRIENDS

Joey Tribianni from FRIENDS is among notorious womanizers
Joey Tribianni from FRIENDS

When talking about sitcoms, FRIENDS can never be left out from the list, whether good or bad. And the list of notorious womanizers in TV shows would be incomplete without Joey Triabianni. After all, he is the one who gave us the corniest pick-up line ever: “How You Doin’?” FRIENDS was a huge success and aired between 1994 and 2004. Joey Tribianni is a struggling actor and quite dimwitted, yet he has ways to get girls quite easily. Throughout the series, he goes on plenty of dates and meets up with a number of women. But he is not bad at heart and is an amazing friend. Plus we know how he really is and love him.

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Written by Gargi Mishra

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