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5 Most Savage Polly Gray Scenes From Peaky Blinders

5 Most Savage Polly Gray Scenes From Peaky Blinders

Elizabeth Gray, or most commonly known as Polly Gray, is the matriarch of the Shelby family. She is aunt to the Shelby siblings and mother to Michael Gray. Since the beginning of the show, she has been identified and portrayed as one of the strongest and smartest characters in the series.

Her character oozes with so much confidence and integrity and this is what makes the fans love her more. Sadly, the actress Helen McCrory passed away this year at the age of 52 after her battle with cancer. In celebration of her outstanding performance, here are her top 5 most badass moments from the series:

 Women’s Strike

Polly Gray

In this spectacular scene, the women of Peaky Blinders go on a work strike. Linda convinces everyone that they should take the day off and have fun but the girls were hesitant. When Polly said just screw it, “Let’s go to the bullring!” everyone got up from their seats and headed out.

Polly led the group of women outside, walking side by side, arm in arm, as if they are going to take the world with each footstep. The slow-motion effect also added to the oomph factor that excited the audience.

Bring This Business Down

Polly Gray

Polly has been protective of her son from the moment they reunited. She knows that Michael Gray has a revenge plan against Father John Hughes. She warns Tommy, “I swear to God if my son pulls the trigger, I will bring this whole fucking organization down around your ears.” If that does not make one tremble with fear, then we don’t know what else will.

High Heels On The Cobblestones

Polly Gray

Thomas and Polly visited the Orphan Girls of South Birmingham to confront the nuns about their abuse of power. They learned that they have been mistreating the children. Thomas threatened them to take all the children away and stop the funding for the orphanage.

Meanwhile, Polly warned the head nun, “If I come for you, and I still might yet decide to come for you, I will wear high heels so you can hear my approach on the cobblestones and have time to repent.” Chills.

The Devil’s Hand

Polly Gray

Everyone knows that the Shelbys have gypsy blood and it is forever ingrained in them. In times when Thomas feels he carries the weight of the world, Polly is there to give him sane advice. She once told him, as a means of comfort, “We live somewhere between life and death, waiting to move on. And in the end, we accept it. We shake hands with devils and we walk past them.” That’s gypsy life for them. There is no time to fear, crumble, or break down.

No Need For Permission

Polly Gray 8

Being the eldest member of the clan, Polly asserts her position as the most dominant. She believes that she has a say in everything which basically means she approves every decision made. In one of her lines, “My senior position within the Shelby company means I don’t often have to ask permission from anyone to do anything.” That sounds very much like Polly Gray.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.