5 Reasons The Winter Soldier Should Get His Own Movie (& 5 Why A Solo Series Makes Sense)


The Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes has grown to be an absolute fan-favorite. It is time Marvel Studios gives him a franchise of his own – movie or otherwise.

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Movie: Many Epic Comic Book Storylines The Movie Could Explore

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There are so many incredible Winter Soldier storylines that could be the fuel to a blockbuster Winter soldier movie. There’s The Longest Winter. In this arc, we see Bucky teaming up with Black widow to hunt down other Winter Soldiers. The trail eventually leads them to Latveria – Doctor Doom’s territory. Second Chances showed Bucky trying to help former criminals redeem themselves and give them a second chance, just like he got. Our personal favorite – The man on The wall – takes the Winter Soldier to fantastical locations like Asgard and alien planets. Bucky must choose his actions wisely because whatever he does will affect the future 200 years later.

Series: Hydra Is Still Out There

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The names on that list Bucky held close to his heart have been crossed of. But it would be foolish to believe that Hydra’s last vestiges could be fit into into a small notebook. The remnants of Hydra must be still out there. Since Bucky helped put them in positions of power, the burden of responsibility must fall on him to bring them down. The series could be an anthology of sorts or follow one overall continuity.

Movie: Incredible Action Choreography Just Like In Captain America 2

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Till this date, the best action choreography the MCU has ever given us is that highway fight scene. No action sequence, and we mean, none at all, ever came close to replicating its magnificence. The Winter Soldier’s core abilities is that he is one of the world’s greatest close combat specialists. A Winter Soldier movie could give us some incredible fight sequences, something Marvel fans truly crave for after the pathetic ‘award-winning’ CGI fest that was the WandaVision finale.

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Series: Explore Madripoor & The Power Broker

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Are we just supposed to forget the fact that Sharon carter is about to sell off America’s deepest darkest secrets to the world for cash? Now that she is inside the highest echelons of leadership, the Power Broker’s action could compromise national and international security. The Winter Soldier is a very well-known figure in MCU’s criminal underworld. The Power Broker and Madripoor could be how a Winter Soldier series plays out.


Movie: We Still Do Not Know The Magnitude Of Bucky’s Actions Under Hydra’s Control

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From what we know so far, the Winter Soldier was directly involved in several historic events. He helped shape the human world under Hydra’s orders. Tony Stark’s parents being killed by the Winter Soldier just might be the tip of the iceberg. Bucky has been around for a long time. And his actions have caused a lot of harm to a hell of a lot of people. Demons from the past could be the focal point of exploration in a potential Winter Soldier movie.


Series: A Complete & Total Transition Into White Wolf

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We have seen vague mentions and references to Bucky’s White Wolf alias. The name that was given to him during his time in Wakanda post Civil War has quite a nice ring to it. It also stems from the very core of Wakandan history. The White Wolf was in charge of the Wakandan secret police who later went rogue. Despite being a villain, the White Wolf slowly transformed into an anti-hero, even at times teaming up with his hated enemy – the Black Panther, for the good of Wakanda. The Winter Soldier is at a crossroads of sorts. He needs to choose his own path. And his tendency for violence and an ends justify the means approach means he could become the White Wolf in not just in name but also in spirit.


Movie: Literally The Only Publicly Acknowledged Hero Who’s Still Street Level

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The MCU is severely lacking in the street level superhero department. The only viable option was Spider-Man, who is now in hiding after his identity was revealed by Mysterio. The other surviving Avengers like Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch and even Sam Wilson are too larger than life to be considered street level heroes. Hawkeye and Black Widow are retiring from the MCU soon. Bucky Barnes will be needed to fill a void in the movie department that might end up hurting the shared superhero universe if left unattended to.


Series: A Team Up With Zemo

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Say what you will but Zemo and Bucky made for a better couple than Sam and Bucky. Zemo was the quiet, submissive one that liked to silently plot his way out of any problem. Bucky was more of a hot-blooded punch first, ask questions later kind of guy. Bucky does not like Zemo. But at the end of Falcon & Winter Soldier, he has grown to respect him. Zemo in return has decided to let him off the hook. The Sokovian is currently incarcerated in the Raft. Bucky has already broken him out once. True irony would be the man who sent Zemo back to prison is also the one that breaks him out once more. It could become a running gag in a potential series.


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Movie: Could Help Re-establish A Formidable Marvel Villain The MCU Didn’t Do Justice

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Captain America has had scores of villains in the comics. But only a select few were able to make it to the MCU. The Red Skull did get enough screen time. But the one villain we wanted to see more of but never could was Arnim Zola. Zola was a German scientist who managed to transfer his consciousness into a machine and is now immortal. Captain America: The Winter Soldier gave us a rather small glimpse at Zola in all his villainous glory before he was ‘destroyed’. Zola’s persistent nature coupled with his utter lack of morals makes him an even greater threat than the Red Skull. it is time he gets the respect that he deserves in a Winter Soldier movie.

Series: Valentina Allegra de Fontaine’s Secret organization Could Be a Force To Be Reckoned With

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Valentina Allegra de Fontaine is not some two bit Nick Fury wannabe. The fact that an acclaimed actress like Julia Louis-Dreyfus is playing the part should be a clear message. Marvel does expect great things from this character. She has already recruited John Walker aka U.S. Agent to her cause. Whatever she is planning, we have to expect it’s not exactly benevolent considering she readily accepted Walker, a cold-blooded murderer, into her organization. Dreyfus, some rumors suggest, is creating an organization called Leviathan to replace SHIELD as the government’s premier spy agency. If that’s the case, then she might be into all kinds of no good. A Winter Soldier series exploring Bucky’s exploits as she tries to undo Val’s actions would be a good starting point.


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