5 Reasons Why Moon Knight Season 2 Will Definitely Happen

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Moon Knight has been running a very twisted mystery since its debut on Disney+. We’re pretty close to the finale but you’ve got to admit that there’s a lot that this series needs to wrap up. The secret third identity has to show up while Marc makes his way back to the land of living from the Field of Reeds. He needs to free Khonshu and then stop Arthur Harrow from fulfilling Ammit’s mission. We already know that the finale is clocking around 45 minutes. So, how can the finale just wrap up the narrative with so much that’s yet to be covered? Well, I believe that the series has been setting up a second season as well. And here are all the hints and reasons why Moon Knight season 2 will happen for sure:


Unresolved Villain Arcs

My initial dark theory was that Marc’s brutal third personality was the one who killed Layla’s father at the dig site. Because a lot of time had passed in the show, it felt kinda late to introduce Raoul Bushman. But the theory has been proven wrong when Marc mentioned that it was indeed Bushman who killed the archaeologist. And he also left Marc for the dead just like in the comics. Now it is possible that MCU’s Marc has already killed Bushman since he has been the Fist of Vengeance for quite a while. But since Bushman didn’t show up as a dead man in Marc’s memories, I believe he is still out there and will be one of the villains in Moon Knight season 2.


Another villain who hasn’t got his due is Anton Mogart aka the Midnight Man. He showed up back in episode 3 but then after being hit by Moon Knight’s “Random BS,” he disappeared on his horse. So, it is possible that Gaspard Ulliel’s character will be back to wrap his arc in the finale. But maybe he might return as the Midnight Man straightaway in season 2. Ulliel met his tragic demise after filming the series, so his part could obviously be recast.


Harrow will act as the Avatar of Ammit in the season finale. If he doesn’t end up dying, then maybe Ethan Hawke could have something more to offer in season 2.

Unresolved Issues With Khonshu and Other Egyptian Gods?

Marc Spector is about to be reunited with Khonshu. In the comics, the Moon God turned out to be a villain. Things don’t seem that way in the MCU, but the series has still shown how Khonshu constantly manipulates Marc. So, they’ve got their issues to resolve. And season 2 could explore their partnership with more screen time.


And there are quite a few other Egyptian Gods in the Ennead (and many imprisoned ones as well). So, season 2 could further look into some of those Egyptian deities too.

Exploring Jake/Scotty


While Steven and Marc have had much screen time and character development, the long hinted third persona hasn’t even officially made it onto the screen. We’ve probably seen him here and there in the last 5 episodes while he was posing as Marc, but the finale is where he might announce himself. And since there’s no time to explore this identity as effectively as we’ve done with the other two, season 2 could allow him his moments to shine.

Since he is even more brutal than Marc, maybe the next season could offer us some more Punisher/Daredevil level action (which sadly this season hasn’t fully lived up to). Oh and yes, while this persona is called Jake Lockley in the books, there’s a chance that he might be called Scotty in the show.


Loki and a Major Scoop

WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier were both limited series. And while some reports pointed towards Loki getting a season 2, the official announcement came at the very end of season 1. So, I believe that something similar could happen at the end of episode 6 too. We’ll be left with a cliffhanger like What If…? and Loki, and a title card could just say “Moon Knight will return in season 2.”


Before Moon Knight hit Disney+, familiar MCU scooper MyTimeToShineHello also claimed that the Avatar of Khonshu will be getting a second season along with Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk. And his scoops are right more often than not!

Fewer Chances for a Film

Moon Knight Episode 3 Easter Egg
Moon Knight season 2

People have been watching and loving Moon Knight on Disney+. He will obviously return in other projects after season 1 and before the supposed season 2. But he still doesn’t seem to be a character who would get his own solo movie, especially with Marvel already having a packed roster for theatrical releases. He could get a Disney+ exclusive film as a sequel to the show if there’s less content to cover beyond this season. But I believe a Moon Knight season 2 will happen.

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