Moon Knight Afterlife Reveal: All The Afterlifes MCU Has Teased So Far

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Moon Knight Episode 5 was a total rollercoaster ride. We finally got to see the Egyptian Afterlife in Moon Knight in all its glory. But why is the Moon Knight Afterlife reveal so unique? It is because it is one of many. The Goddess Taweret confirms that there are many Afterlifes in the MCU, each governed by its own sets of rules and deities.

Moon Knight Episode 5 Ending
Moon Knight Episode 5 Ending

Will the Moon Knight Afterlife reveal contribute to the plot of Moon Knight Episode 6? And just exactly how many such Afterlife dimensions exist in the MCU as confirmed by Moon Knight Episode 5? Let’s find out!!

Wakandan Afterlife: Djalia

Black Panther - Djalia
Black Panther – Djalia

The afterlife in Wakandan mythology bears many similarities to the Moon Knight afterlife reveal. While the Field of Reeds is for the Egyptian worshippers, the Ancestral Plane of Djalia is for the worshippers of Bast and Sekhmet, two deities that are common to both Wakandan and Egyptian lore.

King T'Chaka and the rest of Wakandan Rulers
King T’Chaka and the rest of Wakandan Rulers

Djalia houses the deceased rulers of Wakanda that came before T’Challa. And hopefully we get to see Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa take his rightful place in Djalia (WAKANDA FOREVER!!). The realm exists between life and death and is said to be a vast green veld where you can run forever. The Moon Knight afterlife reveal even ends up showing Taweret mention Djalia in a scene.

Egyptian Afterlife: A’aru aka The Field Of Reeds

Field of Reeds - Moon Knight Afterlife
Field of Reeds – Moon Knight Afterlife

Moon Knight has name dropped the term ‘Field of reeds’ so many times already in previous episodes. According to Marvel lore, the Field of Reeds is the Egyptian version of heaven. It is the place all souls go to once they have been deemed pure and worthy by the scales of justice.

Goddess Taweret and the Duat - Moon Knight Afterlife Reveal
Goddess Taweret and the Duat – Moon Knight Afterlife Reveal

To get to the Field of Reeds, one must lead a life of honesty and be pure of heart, free of temptations. A spirit travels to the A’aru via the Duat, the damning sands of the Afterlife that drag down all unworthy souls and freeze them in time for all eternity. Only the ones that the Gods deem fit for A’aru gain entry.


Asgardian Afterlife: Valhalla

Odin Death Scene - Thor Ragnarok
Odin Death Scene – Thor Ragnarok

Taika Waititi previously wanted Ragnarok to take place in Valhalla rather than Asgard. But he changed the course of the project midway. In Norse mythology, Valhalla is a mythical realm which can only be gained access to if a Viking valiantly dies in combat. The halls of Valhalla are ruled by Odin. Half of the spirits of Valhalla fill up the ranks of the Valkyries while the other half join Freyja’s field Fólkvangr.

Valhalla - Marvel Comics
Valhalla – Marvel Comics

In Ragnarok, when Odin breathes his last, Thor prays for him so that his father’s spirit reaches Valhalla – the legendary realm all Asgardians go to. Even though it has not been shown so far, it has been name-dropped multiple times in the show.

Olympian Afterlife: Hades

Thor 4 Trailer - Zeus
Thor 4 Trailer – Zeus

Thor: Love & Thunder will give us the MCU’s first live action take on the Greek Gods. The Olympian Pantheon has many powerful Gods in its roster. Amongst its most powerful members are – Zeus – God of the Sky and Thunder, Poseidon – God of the Sea, and Hades – ruler of the realm of the dead known as Hades.

Hades - Greek Underworld
Hades – Greek Underworld

The Olympian Realm of the Dead is where the Gods of Greek mythology come to rest after their dead. The plane is also home to the spirits of the worshippers of Olympus. The splinter realm is also known by the name of Archipelago of Anguish and Redemption. Hades has not been explicitly mentioned in the MCU so far but considering Zeus and the Greek gods are coming, it will probably get a passing reference.

Fun fact – the throne of Hades has exchanged hands more than the amount of women Zeus has been with. And THAT is saying something!!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Afterlife: Dark Dimension

Aos - Dark Dimension
Aos – Dark Dimension

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. may no longer be direct canon to MCU. But when Robbie Reyes was part of the show, it very much looked like AoS was an MCU spinoff. And in that very season, we get a look at what looks like the legendary dimension of Hell.

Agents of SHIELD - Dark Dimension
Agents of SHIELD – Dark Dimension

After Aida is almost at the cusp of victory, Agent Coulson makes a deal with the spirit of vengeance and becomes its vessel. Charged with its powers. Coulson destroys Aida and gets hold of the Darkhold. The Spirit of Vengeance goes back to the body of Robbie Reyes. Reyes uses the Darkhold to open a portal to the dimension of hll, where he self exiles himself to protect the Darkhold from falling into the wrong hands.

Nothing about this mysterious hell dimension is known. But considering only powerful beings like the Ghost Rider can hope to survive in there, it must be a harsh place to live in.


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