Who is Osiris in Moon Knight?

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Episode 5 of Moon Knight just dropped and boy was it fantastic! Marc Spector and Steven Grant were shot by Harrow and then found themselves in the Underworld, Duat. There, their hearts were measured by Osiris.


Osiris is a fascinating Egyptian God. He is the lord of the underworld and god of the dead. He has an intriguing backstory and is frightening and mysterious at the same time. We take a closer look at this Egyptian deity in the article. What do you think of Osiris? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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What is Osiris’s History

Who is osiris in the series moon Knight
A Picture of Osiris

In ancient mythology, Osiris was killed by his own brother, Seth. His wife, Isis managed to piece him back together and resurrect him from the dead. Once resurrected, he took over the role of God of the dead. Osiris also held the role of the god of the underworld and was also the ruler of the Ennead. He had a long-standing enmity with his brother Seth, who once murdered him.

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The Powers and Abilities of Osiris

Who is osiris in the series moon Knight
Osiris, as depicted in ancient Egyptian paintings

The God of the Dead, Osiris, is insanely powerful. He has superhuman strength, more so than the average Egyptian god. Next, he also possesses superhuman speed, stamina, and durability. He can exert himself physically for long periods before needing rest.


His body is very durable, capable of withstanding many onslaughts. Be it extreme heat, pressure, or powerful energy blasts, Osiris can take it all! He stands above most Egyptian gods when it comes to being injury resistant. He is also said to be immune from aging and disease. Finally, he can manipulate amazing quantities of energy. He can teleport long distances and has great powers.

All in all, Osiris is an Egyptian god with awe-inspiring power and strength!

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Streaming Details of Moon Knight

Who is osiris in the series moon Knight
A poster of Moon Knight

The Show airs on the streaming service Disney+.

Season 1 of the show would have 6 episodes. Each episode is 40-50 minutes long.

New episodes are released every Wednesday.


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