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Moon Knight Episode 5: The Cryptic Ending, Explained

Moon Knight Episode 5 The Cryptic Ending Explained

The Disney+ Marvel series, Moon Knight, has been full of twists and turns from the start. The series is a psychological thriller that bends the minds of the viewer. The ending of the fourth episode so far was the most confusing in the show. At the end of the fourth episode, the two personalities of the character, Marc Spector and Steven Grant meet each other in an asylum, before they run into Tawaret, an Egyptian Goddess.

The fifth episode, Asylum, starts from where the last one left us hanging. And it is even more confusing. It takes the viewers down the memory lane of the characters and is full of tragedy and surprises. And the ending is far more confusing than the episode. Read on as we try to break it down.

Moon Knight episode 5: What happened?

The fifth episode of the series is a thrilling ride as Marc and Steven journey through their memories. This is to save themselves from being taken by the unbalanced souls of Duat. Tawaret tells the two to open up to each other to balance their hearts against the Feather of Maat. The two go deeper into each other’s shared memories till an important detail is revealed.

Steven Grant is probably in Moon Knight episode 5
Steven Grant is probably in Moon Knight episode 5

It is revealed that Marc Spector created Steven Grant to escape the harsh life he was living. His mother blamed him for his brother’s death and became abusive toward Marc. Though, after the revelation, the scales still remain unbalanced and the two still cannot enter the afterlife. The ship sails to the Gates of Osiris but is attacked by unbalanced souls that look like zombies.

Marc Spector is in the Field of Reeds in Moon Knight episode 5 ending
Marc Spector is in the Field of Reeds in Moon Knight episode 5 ending

The two are attacked by them as Marc fights them off, but Steven soon realizes that they’re the same and fights them too. This causes him to fall off the ship and he turns into a sand statue. Marc is broken but the ship reaches its destination and Marc is seen standing in the Field of Reeds.

Moon Knight episode 5: Ending explained

After the long journey, Marc makes it to the Field of Reeds alone. Now, with Steven probably dead, Marc has been judged eligible to live in paradise forever, if that’s what he chooses. It can only be guessed what the death of Steven really signifies. Maybe it could be Marc finally accepting his past and not letting his traumatic childhood events define him.

Moon Knight episode 5 ending confuses fans
Moon Knight episode 5 ending confuses fans

Or it could be that Harrow is right. And everything Marc is seeing is just an illusion created in his head. It could be an attempt of the villainous character to get more information out of the two personalities and use it against Khonshu. Like he has done before. He must have realized that Marc’s strength comes from Steven and is trying to separate the two.

Though, the afterlife concept could be true too, and Marc will be forced to find a way out of there. He could seek the help of Osiris to reunite with Khonshu to restore his power. Or it could be a delusion created by Marc and Steven while they are still in the asylum. It is their escape from harsh realities that have haunted them for years. Also, the fact that they are in an asylum.

To know for sure, the fans will have to wait for the finale, releasing on May 4.

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