Moon Knight Episode 5: Every Insane Easter Egg You Missed

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Episode 5 of Moon Knight, titled “Asylum”, was an information-dense episode. We got a closer look at Marc Spector’s mind and his past. We saw all the pain and misery he went through.


With a week left before the final episode of the season, we dig deep and examine the interesting easter eggs of this week’s episode. These little details are fun to check out and sometimes offer us insights into the whole scheme of things. What do you think of them? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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1. The Scales of Justice

easter eggs from episode 5 of moon knight
The Scales of Justice from Egyptian Mythology.

Tawaret asked both, Marc Spector and Steven Grant to balance their hearts on a scale to prevent them from reaching Duat. This scale is believed to be the Scales of Justice.

This scale, in Egyptian Mythology, is used by Anubis, the god of death, to weigh the heart of a deceased person. A feather of Ma’at, the God of Justice is placed on the other scale to help Anubis decide the fate of the soul. It would either go to an afterlife or cease to exist completely in the realm of Duat.

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2. ‘Tomb Buster’ Poster

easter eggs from episode 5 of moon knight
The Poster from the Episode.

Marc Spector has a poster from the film “Tomb Buster” hanging in his bedroom. This poster has an interesting name on it. That of “Dough Perlin”. That is the name of the fictional character who plays Steven Grant in the fictional movie.

3. The Ancestral Plane

easter eggs from episode 5 of moon knight
The Ancestral Plane

The hippo goddess (Taweret) states that Marc is dead. She says that Spector is making his way through the afterlife in accordance with Egyptian mythology. Further, she says that there are many in-between places for souls and refers to the Ancestral Plane as “just gorgeous”. We have seen this “gorgeous” Ancestral Plane before. It is the place that Black Panther goes to communicate with their ancestors.

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4. Marc Spector of Moon Knight, worked for Bushman

easter eggs from episode 5 of moon knight
Bushman from the Comics

Marc tells Steven his history as a mercenary. He also reveals that he worked for Bushman. In the comics, the real name of Marc’s employer is Raul Bushman. This character made his debut in the comics in 1980 and has since then been primarily known as Bushman.

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5. Randall Spector – The Dead Brother

easter eggs from episode 5 of moon knight
Randall Spector

Fans of the comic books might have been anticipating Marc’s brother and antagonist, Randall Spector to appear in the series, however, the show did things differently. Instead of coming as an antagonist, we find out that his brother died in childhood in a horrible accident. Their mother blamed him for his demise.


6. Putnam Medical Facility in Moon Knight

easter eggs from episode 5 of moon knight
The Putnam Medical Facility

Episode 5 sees Marc attending a therapy session with Dr. Harrow in a facility. The name of the ward happens to be Putnam Medical Facility. This is similar to the “Putnam Psychiatric Hospital” from Jeff Lemire’s Moon Knight comic books. When the first instances of his DID began surfacing, Marc was taken to this hospital by his father.

7. Steven Grant’s Goldfish Explained

Putnam Medical Facility
Randall’s artwork: The one finned goldfish

Randall Spector is shown drawing a goldfish with crayons on the day he died. The fish has a single fin. This might explain why Grant has the single finned goldfish, Gus, as his pet. A remnant of a suppressed trauma.  The same artwork is later spotted on a wall in Marc’s bedroom.

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