Every Moon Knight Weapon From The Comics, Ranked

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Moon Knight is quite lethal with his weapons. This can be gauged from the fact that in his debut appearance in the comics (Werewolf by Night #32, 1975), he was referred to as a “Weapons expert”. He is a servant of the Moon God Khonshu and is quite ferocious.


Moon Knight has a series of weapons to fight his adversaries. These range from his iconic crescent darts to the Ankhs gifted to him by Khonshu. They make him incredibly powerful and fascinating at the same time. However, all his weapons aren’t equal. Some are more powerful than others. Today, we rank the weapons of the Fist of Khonshu. What do you think of his weapons? Which one do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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1. Crescent Darts

 Ranking Moon Knight's weapons
The Fist of Khonshu with a Crescent Dart

Arguably, the most iconic and thematic weapon of Moon Knight is his crescent darts. These were introduced very early in the comics and have been a regular feature since then. They have been described as being “like a silver razor blade” in the comics, and are quite deadly. These crescent darts rank at number one on our list.

2. The Ankhs

 Ranking Moon Knight's weapons
Moon Knight’s Ankhs


One of the most powerful weapons on this list are the Ankhs. These are a collection of weapons, all in the shape of Ankhs, the Egyptian hieroglyph. The Moon God Khonshu gifted him a series of Ankhs that gave the Fist of Khonshu the ability to leech powers from the Avengers. Using these weapons, Thor, Dr. Strange, and Iron Fist were quickly defeated.


3. Battle Gloves

 Ranking Moon Knight's weapons
A Closeup of Moon Knight’s Battle Gloves

These work similar to commonplace brass knuckles. His battle gloves have added metal studs built into them. They are perhaps one of his first weapons, and he uses them often.

4. The Truncheons of Moon Knight

 Ranking Moon Knight's weapons
Moon Knight’s Truncheons

These have been a staple weapon with the fist of Khonshu and are either white or silver. These are adjustable and multipurpose and greatly augment Moon Knight’s combat performance.

5. Tripwire Pistols

 Ranking Moon Knight's weapons
Moon Knight’s Pistols

Sometimes referred to as crescent pistols or grappling pistols, These are a series of weapons used by Moon Knight in various ways through his adventures. They have been used by the Fist of Khonshu for a variety of things, from hogtying suspects to laying trip-lines for them.


6. Guns

 Ranking The Fist of Khonshu's weapons
Moon Knight’s Guns

Remember, before he became the Moon Knight, Marc Spector was a US Marine. As such, he has extensive training in using all sorts of guns and firearms. Moreover, unlike others, he has no qualms about using them.

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7. The Body of Moon Knight

 Ranking The Fist of Khonshu's weapons
Moon Knight’s Picture

Aside from all his weapons, the Fist of Khonshu has impressive martial arts skills. He has trained in a variety of combat arts and has amazing strength and agility. Weapons or no weapons, Moon Knight can take his opponents down.


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8. The Suit and Cloak of Moon Knight

 Ranking Moon Knight's weapons
Moon Knight’s Suit

While he has an impressive array of weapons, as seen on this list, he uses his body to fight too. He uses his body in all sorts of ways, from curling into a wall to strengthening like an arrow to fight. This is made possible by his suit and cloak. His armor greatly enhances his ability to fight and defend himself.

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