Oscar Isaac Hints at Third Moon Knight Suit – What Are Its Powers


Moon Knight, the latest MCU Disney+ series, is the talk of the town right now. Oscar Isaac has done it again. he has again won our hearts and minds in yet another blockbuster franchise. Up until now, Moon Knight has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. So many twists and turns to even make an Agatha Christie story blush. Now there may be another twist in the tale. After the Moon knight and Mr. Knight suit, MCU star Oscar Isaac teases there may be a secret third Moon Knight suit.

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How could the Third Moon knight Suit turn out? Is Oscar Isaac just using the classic Marvel Studios technique of creative misdirection or is it really true?


What Oscar Isaac Said About Moon Knight Episode 5 & 6

Oscar Isaac - Moon Knight
Oscar Isaac – Moon Knight

In an interview with ET, the Moon Knight lead actor sat down and answered a couple of interesting questions. One such question swerved into possible spoiler territory. The question was based on the fact that each persona of Moon Knight has his own suit. Marc Spector used the ceremonial Moon Knight healing suit. Steven Grant ended up creating his own version of the suit that Marc dubs “Psycho Colonel Sanders” suit. Both the Moon Knight and Mr. Knight suits are related to which persona is under control at the moment. Marc cannot use the Mr. Knight suit while Steven cannot wield the traditional Moon Knight armor.

Oscar Isaac - Moon Knight Third Persona
Oscar Isaac – Moon Knight Third Persona

Since Moon Knight Episode 3 and 4 have heavily hinted at a hidden third persona, the question arises if this secret personality has his own version of the Moon Knight suit. When asked regarding the same, Oscar Isaac agreed and said:


“It’s very possible. You’ll have to keep watching to find out. I like how you’re thinking. That is very logical.”

This New Moon Knight Suit Could Have Some Insane Abilities

Universe X Moon Knight
Universe X Moon Knight

The new Moon Knight suit that is being teased by Oscar Isaac could be the manifestation of Jake Lockley or another hidden third persona we may not know about right now. The show has played coy with most of Moon Knight’s original abilities in the comic books. There are many ‘gifts’ that Khonshu grants to his human avatar that the show never even cared to show.

All these abilities could make a proper debut with the another Moon Knight suit.


Physical Attributes Dependent on the Lunar Cycle


We know Moon Knight’s powers are dependent on the phases of the moon. The stronger the lunar phase, the better he is. While the show did subtly point out Moon Knight’s powers don’t necessarily work in the day, we are yet to see this feature. On a full moon day, Moon Knight becomes a true superhuman, with his strength, speed, agility, and reflexes increasing by leaps and bounds. This ability could be a feature the third Moon Knight suit takes full advantage of.


Moon Knight Is Immortal

Moon Knight - Immortal
Moon Knight – Immortal

in the comic books, Khonshu relies on his avatar so much that he cannot afford to let him pass on to the afterlife. So every time Marc Spector breathes his last, Khonshu brings him back to the land of the living. So as long as Khonshu deems Marc a worthy avatar, Moon Knight cannot die and is technically immortal.

Third Moon Knight Suit May Have Its Own Signature Weapon

Moon Knight Weapons
Moon Knight Weapons

Moon Knight has his Crescent darts that also double up as knuckle knives. Mr. Knight has his signature batons. The Third Moon Knight armor could have its own trademark weapon unique to the third persona. Considering the third persona is touted to be more violent than even Marc, don’t get surprised if the weapon turns out to be a machete or a scimitar.



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