5 Saddest Scenes From Spider-Man: No Way Home

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Spider-Man: No Way Home has finally made its way to movie theaters. Fans have long been waiting to witness another MCU blockbuster on the big screen after a long break due to the pandemic. Despite the situation, the movie grossed successfully and still churning money as the new year approaches.


The success of the film can be attributed to one of the film’s surprise elements and that is incorporating Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. It has been a long time coming for fans to witness such a momentous event. But just like all the previous Spider-Man movies, it also has its own sorrows. Here’s a list of the most heart-breaking events in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Lost College Opportunity

Peter Parker MJ Ned Leeds


It was a total bummer for Peter, MJ, and Ned to find out that they were not admitted to MIT for the reason that they are friends with Spider-Man. The hero’s reputation was tarnished after Mysterio publicly humiliated him. As a result, everyone connected to Peter will most likely suffer as well.

MJ and Ned were kind enough to tell Peter that nothing will change despite the misfortune. However, the audience can clearly see the disappointment in their eyes.

Spider-Man (Garfield) Saves MJ

Andrew Garfield MJ


During an intense fight at the top of the Statue of Liberty, MJ suddenly falls off the railings. Spider-Man (Holland) tried to rescue her but he got swept away in the other direction. She was about to hit the ground when Spider-Man (Garfield) jumped to catch her.

As they landed, he was on the verge of bursting into tears because it reminded him of Gwen Stacy. He was not able to do it right and he could not let that happen again.

Spider-Man (Maguire) Saves Green Goblin

Tobey Maguire Green Goblin


In the heat of the fight between Spider-Man (Holland) and Green Goblin, the young hero felt the need to avenge the death of Aunt May by killing his enemy. As he clenches onto Osborn’s glider and is about to strike him to death, Spider-Man (Maguire) stops him. There were no words said but the message was clear. Killing Osborn will disrupt everything.

Aunt May’s Death

Aunt May Spider-Man

The most unexpected tragedy left us all in a wreck. The scene is reminiscent of Uncle Ben’s death and it was too painful to remember such a scene from the old Spider-Man films. Aunt May died helping Peter escape from Norman Osborn and she was badly injured after the explosion.


As she drew her last breath, Aunt May consoled Peter and told him that he did the right thing. And then, she finally said the iconic line, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Peter Parker Says Goodbye To MJ And Ned

Peter Parker MJ Ned Spider-Man

Doctor Strange’s last resort to restoring the timeline is to cast a spell that will make everyone forget about Peter Parker (Holland). The situation was too dire, and with a heavy heart, Peter bids farewell to MJ and Ned.


At the end of the film, it was shown that none of his friends recognize him. Peter Parker is forever gone.

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