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The Amazing Spider-Man: 5 Unpopular Opinions From Reddit Users

The Amazing Spider-Man brought a different take on the beloved Marvel character. Most fans would agree that it has a more mature tone. Some would also say that Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Peter Parker is way older than he is supposed to be.

No matter what criticisms the film earned, there were still good points to it. If anything, most fans would say it is better than Sam Raimi’s version. Reddit users share their most unpopular hot takes about the reboot and why they believe it deserves appreciation.

The Villains Were Relatable


One of Spider-Man’s antagonists in the film is Electro. Before he transformed into an electricity-powered monster, he was once a shy guy with no social life. He was constantly ignored at work and by his colleagues, and no one even remembered his birthday except for Gwen Stacy.

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Reddit user Sammyjames said that the villains in the movie seem more human. They have their fair share of struggles and internal motivations for wanting to become a villain, just like Electro.

Andrew Garfield Did A Great Job

The Amazing Spider-Man-2

Garfield is the second guy to fill the shoes of our favorite web-slinging hero on the big screen, with Toby Maguire as the first and Tom Holland as the current. In the case of determining who the best Spider-Man is, the fans’ opinions are divisive. This Reddit user says his favorite has to be Andrew Garfield.


Fans claim that Garfield’s portrayal is way cooler than what supposed-to-be a nerdy high school guy. They also said he was too old for the role. He might not look like the part of Peter Parker but he sure nailed it as Spider-Man.

Fans Love The Darker Tone

The Amazing Spider-Man-1copy

Reddit user Pistacio_killer believes that the darker tone of the film is so underrated. Many fans did not appreciate it and were too quick to judge the movie. Indeed, this different take on the story is what made it more interesting.

Some fans claim that Peter Parker turned into a vigilante but the kid is just trying to do what he thinks is right. How the story was depicted like a dark-themed show is kind of saying that it has always been a teeny, colorful story. Spider-Man has always been a dark movie.

Green Goblin’s Costume Was On Point

Green Goblin

The Green Goblin looks the part in his costume according to Reddit user JazzlikeHour4. They also liked the way he laughed. The gross look on his face due to his genetic disease only made him appear more repulsive.

The way Dane DeHaan portrayed Harry Osborn as a troubled sick teenager is just convincing. Although, the actor confirmed that he will not be reprising his role anytime soon.

Spider-Man’s Movements Were Better

The Amazing Spider-Man-1

With the advancement of technology and better CGI, Spider-Man has a more convincing movement. Fans were not happy with Sam Raimi’s “biological webs” so having Peter design his own web shooter in the film sounds way cooler. This Reddit user believes The Amazing Spider-Man has the best abilities among the three versions.


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