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Marvel Villains Who Deserve Their Own Spin-Off Show

With the expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe and all of its extended series, fans are met with so many interesting characters. The arrival of Disney+ gave Marvel Studios the ability to create a more in-depth and focused show on each significant character from MCU. Now that every Avenger has their own solo show, it’s time for the Marvel villains to shine!

Anti-heroes such as Loki and Agatha Harkness are slowly gaining attention so perhaps it is now the perfect time to unfold the stories of our beloved antagonists. They have so many intriguing aspects that are just as substantial as those of the superheroes. Here’s our best pick for Marvel villains that deserve a solo series:


Hela Marvel Villains

The daughter of Odin has cemented a reputation ever since her debut in the MCU. A spin-off series about her background as she rises to power together with her father is definitely going to sell. The fact that she was the worthy successor to the throne until her downfall will surely make up for the lack of development in her story.

In her appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, there was not much exploration in her past. Cate Blanchett truly nailed her performance. Surely, she will be warmly welcomed by fans to reprise the role.


Elektra Marvel Villains

Some characters deserve an entire series and one of them is Elektra Natchios. Sure, she had a movie starring Jennifer Garner and a Marvel’s The Defenders/Daredevil supporting role played by Elodie Yung. Both shows portrayed her as an anti-hero with ambiguous motives. She was even represented as a villain.

Elektra needs a platform where she can tell her story. Not as a rogue character but as someone who used to be so innocent until tragic events happened in her childhood. This part of her life is so significant in shaping the person that she has become.


Bullseye Marvel Villains

Benjamin Poindexter, or Bullseye, is one of Marvel’s deadliest killers. He was a US Army veteran and former FBI agent. Poindexter exhibits outstanding skills in shooting with precision and accuracy and arm-to-arm combat. The guy played as a mere weapon against Matt Murdock in the third season of Daredevil. Although we had a glimpse of his traumatic childhood, it still does not add up.

Dex needs to have his own series, possibly a continuation of his story arc in Daredevil. He plots revenge against Kingpin while making him believe that he is still working for him would be a good concept.


Thanos Marvel Villains

Of all the Marvel villains, Thanos is the one that truly struck the audience the most. He had this intense wicked aura that will make even the strongest superheroes tremble in fear. There is a lot to uncover about Thanos’s past, including his upbringing and rise to space domination.

Some parts of his childhood and even youth are probably lost because of his mythological race origin. Some could also be forgotten or never tackled. The introduction of his brother Eros, played by Harry Styles, is indeed a hint that he needs to have his own series.



Nebula is a character that was not given much attention both in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Infinity Saga. Her rivalry with her sister Gamora would make a fascinating series on how they both try to fight for their father’s approval.

Thanos has always pitted them against each other and to see how the sisters unite and reconcile could be a great theme for a spin-off series.