5 Similarities Between Dragon Ball Z’s Goku and Superman That DC Fans Can Not Ignore

Superman and Goku have many similarities that are very startling to know!

5 Similarities Between Dragon Ball Z's Goku and Superman That DC Fans Can Not Ignore


  • Goku is one of the most powerful and significant characters from the world of Anime
  • Superman is one of the most prominent superheroes from comic books
  • They share several similarities that are very significant!
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The ever-going squabble between fans of both these characters on who would win a crossover fight looks far from conclusion. Fans have grown to adore these characters, who are the saviors of their respective universes, and behold immense strength. Being two of the most powerful beings to be ever created in fiction, it’s difficult not to link Superman and Goku. They share a lot of similarities, like both being innately good-natured aliens who crash-landed on Earth and got raised by kind-hearted people.


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1. They share similar Origin

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi
Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi

Superman was born on a planet named Krypton. Since the planet was doomed to get destroyed, Jor El and Lara Lor Van sent their baby son, Kal El, to Earth on a spaceship. Similarly, when Goku was little, his home planet was destroyed, which is the reason why his father, Bardock, sent him to Earth on a spaceship.


2. Goku and Superman excel at Martial Arts

DC Comics
DC Comics

Goku fights using a form of martial arts called Kame Style. Master Roshi created this style and taught the attendants of the Turtle Skull. With Superman, it doesn’t appear like he uses any specific kind of martial arts, but he does indeed. He has trained a unique Kryptonian martial art called Torquasm-Rao and Torquasm-Vo. While the Rao is on the physical side, allowing him enhanced reflexes and perception, the Vo is for defense against mental fights, such as blocking off mind control or illusions.

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3. Birth Fathers

Goku's father, Bardock
Goku’s father, Bardock

Goku and Superman both come from planets that were doomed to get destroyed. Both their fathers’ had the same reaction as they put their baby in a ship and sent them to Earth. Being a scientist, Jor El was aware of the destruction and tried to warn the Kryptonian elders, but no one believed him. He continued his research and created escape vehicles for his family. Goku’s father, Bardock, was a soldier who noticed Frieza’s spaceship orbiting their planet and got to know from a friend that Frieza’s men had been asking about Super Saiyans. After sending Goku to Earth, he attacked Frieza.


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4. Goku and Superman share a similar predicament regarding their Adoptive Family

DC Comics
Superman from DC Comics

Goku and Superman share the same ordeal with their adoptive families. Being babies, obviously, these two can’t survive on their own. They’re raised by kind people who came across their spaceship. Goku was adopted by Grandpa Gohan, unaware of the fact that the Saiyan baby was sent to Earth to obliterate it. With Superman, an older couple adopted him. Clark’s humble upbringing reflects in his personality very well. Despite being one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, he is extremely kind and humble.

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5. They can be seen Constantly Breaking Their Limits

Goku turns into a Super Saiyan during Frieza Saga
Goku turns into a Super Saiyan during the Frieza Saga

As the trend goes with characters like these, Goku and Superman acquire more power over time. Every villain they fight is meant to be stronger than their past one, which implies even the heroes have to become more powerful. Superman already has ridiculous powers like sneezing away galaxies; his strength cap becomes higher and higher. With Goku, he can break past his limits and get increasingly powerful with each Saiyan level he moves past.


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