Goku Surprisingly Owes his Life to Dragon Ball’s Most Useless Character

Despite Being the Most Disappointing Character of the Dragon Ball Series, Yamcha saved Goku's Life.

Goku Surprisingly Owes his Life to Dragon Ball's Most Useless Character


  • Yamcha being one of the most useless characters of the series, once saved the life of Goku.
  • His uncommitted personality led to his breakup with Bulma which led to the birth of Trunks after Bulma married Vegeta.
  • Trunks not only saved the entire timeline but also saved Goku from a severe heart condition that would have killed Goku in the future.
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The Dragon Ball franchise has many characters that may be not as strong to fight a battle, but they are a big help in one way or the other. However, there is one character that has been given the title of the most useless character ever. The character is Yamcha, the former boyfriend of Bulma. Yamcha appears as a key character in the Dragon Ball manga and anime, as well as a supporting supporting in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.


Yamcha, a former desert bandit, was formerly an opponent of Goku before reforming and becoming a friend and ally and later becoming the character with the most disappointing fate. However, Goku the protagonist of the series owes his life to the most useless character of the series.

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Yamcha Became One of The Most Disappointing Characters Over The Years

In the beginning, Yamcha is portrayed as a gifted martial artist and one of the most powerful humans on the planet, with abilities and characteristics that allow him to fight alongside his fellow Z Fighters when great threats loom. However, during the later half of Dragon Ball Z, he resigned due to being vastly overpowered by both his teammates and their adversaries. Since then, Yamcha appears to have given up trying to keep up with the other Z Fighters in terms of power, and is now hardly a member of the squad, as his most notable contribution came during a baseball game in a Dragon Ball Super anime filler episode.


While he isn’t one of the franchise’s strongest characters, he has pulled his weight throughout the years, but as the series progressed, he might have been left aside making him one of the most disappointing characters over the year. However, Yamcha unintentionally might have saved Goku’s life and in a grand scheme, essentially the world. And he had to do nothing for it.

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Yamcha Saved Goku’s Life

When Trunks comes in the other past corresponding to his destiny in Dragon Ball chapter 335 by Akira Toriyama, he delivers Goku a life-saving medication that will heal him of a severe heart condition he is going to get. Trunks informs everyone that he is the son of Vegeta and Bulma, which surprises everyone because Bulma was still connected with Yamcha at the time. However, as Trunks recalls, Yamcha was too uncommitted, so Bulma dumped him and remarried Vegeta, resulting in Trunks’ birth.

Yamcha and Bulma
Yamcha and Bulma

If Yamcha had committed to Bulma, the two may have married and started a family, which would have resulted in the apocalypse. Dragon Ball timelines would have been wiped if it weren’t for Trunks, and Trunks is only alive because of Yamcha’s inaction, showing once and for all that Yamcha is good for nothing.

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