5 Star Wars Shows Reportedly Releasing in 2024 Including Jude Law’s Skeleton Crew: Only 2 of Them Has Fans Excited

Fans have taken to X to talk about which shows excite them, with 2 titles emerging as the clear winner.

5 star wars shows reportedly releasing in 2024 including jude law’s skeleton crew


  • Star Wars has several projects scheduled for release in 2024, leading to a significant amount of Star Wars content on the small screen.
  • Fans have already expressed their enthusiasm for two out of the five upcoming projects, The Bad Batch and Andor, on social media.
  • The Bad Batch, set after the prequels but before the Original Trilogy, will have its final season, while Andor, a spin-off of Rogue One, received positive reviews for its exploration of the Star Wars universe without Jedi or Sith.
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Star Wars seems like it has a stacked year for 2024. With multiple projects on the way, the small screen will have a hefty helping of Star Wars content. However, fans have already adopted 2 of the 5 projects as their favorite, making their preferences known on social media.

Clone Force 99
Clone Force 99

The tentative list of shows that might be released in the coming year includes the third season of The Bad Batch, The Acolyte, the second season of  Andor, Jude Law starer Skeleton Crew and the second season of Tales of the Jedi. All these IPs have fans who are anticipating their release, but the most vocal seen to be excited for two of these projects in particular.


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Fans seem to be particularly excited for The Bad Batch and Andor

Diego Luna in Andor
Diego Luna in Andor

Fans have taken to social media to talk about the shows that Star Wars might be releasing next year. This involves the final season of The Bad Batch and the second season of Andor, both of which take place after the prequels but before the Original Trilogy begins.


While Skeleton Crew and the Acolyte are new projects, fans are anticipating the finale of the Clone Wars era of the IP with the final season of Bad Batch. The series has been long rumoured to tie into the rest of the Filoni-verse, adding another layer to the clone saga. As for Andor, the series received rave reviews as a spin-off of Rogue One, being able to get fans hyped for a Star Wars property with Jedi, Sith or the Force.

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Skeleton Crew, The Acolyte and Tales of the Jedi are interesting too

Bryce Dallas Howard voices Yaddle in Tales of the Jedi
A still from Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi

Tales of the Jedi was the surprise hit from Star Wars, exploring the history of beloved prequel and Clone Wars characters like Qui Gon Jinn, Count Dooku and Ahsoka Tano. With a visual style similar to the Clone Wars series, the second season could bring forth more anthology-style stories to explore the histories of more characters, such as Emperor Palpatine, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Satine Kryze.

Skeleton Crew and Acolyte are two completely new properties that seem to have little to do with the Skywalker Saga. Skeleton Crew features Jude Law and will follow a band of children navigating their way back home. This series will be live-action. The Acolyte, on the other hand, is going to look at a time that has yet to be explored in the mainline Star Wars settings, in animation or live action. This show will take place during the High Republic, some 100 years prior to the beginning of Phantom Menace


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