5 Things Fans Expect In Netflix’s ‘Emily In Paris’ Season 2

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Netflix recently announced the renewal of the modern French-inspired show Emily in Paris. The series stars Lily Collins as Emily Cooper, a young American professional thrown into the city of Paris without any knowledge of its language and culture.


She works as a marketing executive in Chicago and was sent to Paris in lieu of her pregnant co-worker. All of a sudden, Emily’s life changed as she meets people who will all contribute to her growth (and dilemma) while living in the grand city of Paris!

Slated for a December release, Emily in Paris Season 2 is expected to bring more fun and adventure to Emily’s life. Here’s what the fans are looking forward to:


Emily Speaking In French

Emily Cooper Emily in Paris

When Emily was sent to Paris, she didn’t know any French words enough to initiate or carry a conversation. Because the job was just handed to her on short notice, she didn’t have time to study and prepare. But now that she has acquainted herself with several French people, fans are expecting that she can finally say more than bonjour and oui.

Sylvie And Emily Becoming Friends

Sylvie Emily in Paris


The tension between Emily and her boss, Sylvie, is quite evident in the first season. She hates Emily simply because she did not have the slightest effort of learning their language. But also, she hates her because of her modern and unconventional ideas.

As Emily gradually gets to know Sylvie and her dark secrets, she begins to understand and become more patient with her boss. This second season, fans are expecting Sylvie to warm up to her and work together in harmony.

Mindy Making Peace With Her Parents

Mindy Chen Emily in Paris


We all know that Mindy is the epitome of a crazy, rich Asian. She left home, her controlling family, and all of her inheritance to become a nanny. Her reason for this is wanting to live her life the way she wants it. She also rediscovered her passion for singing in the first season.

Fans are looking forward to seeing if Mindy will try to reconcile with her family and perhaps consider going back to Shanghai and reclaim her place.

Camille And Emily Becoming More Than Friends

Camille Emily in Paris


It was evident in the first season that Camille and Emily have some strange bisexual energy going on. For one instance, they accidentally kissed on the lips and Emily apologized while Camille said she is not sorry. Everyone really thought they have good chemistry. It was later on that they revealed Camille has a boyfriend.

We are looking into some instances if there is a possibility that their friendship will blossom into something new and exciting. There’s nothing like finding love in the most unexpected people.

Emily Finding Her True Love

Gabriel Emily in Paris


The newest trailer showed Emily’s new love interest and fans are questioning whatever happened to her relationship with Gabriel! While this sparks many interests, the show will definitely bring surprises, especially on Emily’s relationships. Paris is called the City of Love, anyway. So, what is there to do than find true love?


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