10 Perfect Date Night Movies To Watch

Whether there is a special occasion or you just want to spend the night chilling with your significant other, date night movies are always the best option and they are the fool-proof trick to make it extra sweet. From romantic comedies to heavy drama, there’s a suitable movie for your preference.

If you both enjoy feel-good and sappy movies, there’s one for each type. There’s about falling in love for the first time. Then, there’s realizing your best friend has always been the one. And for the cynical, there’s accepting that happy endings only exist in fairy tales. Check out these films and discover love all over again.

Kissing Booth

Kissing Booth

This Netflix original film tells the story of a teenager named Elle Evans. She set up a ‘Kissing Booth’ for a fundraising event with her childhood friend, Lee. Everything changed when she was set up and kissed the most popular guy in school, Noah. He was her best friend’s brother.

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So far, the film has three installments, and the latest one is released in August this year. It is the kind of film that should be enjoyed for pure entertainment. As cliché as the plot presents, there were memorable moments that the audience will enjoy.

The Perfect Date

The Perfect Date

The advent of technology has created so many possibilities that there’s no more excuse. Even finding the perfect date is readily available in just one click. Brooks Rattigan dreams of going to an Ivy League so he created an app that will bring him easy money. The app enables the user to customize him as their ‘perfect date’. The catch is when he caught feelings for one of his clients.

The lead characters have amazing chemistry and they both made the story believable. It is certainly one for the books and a perfect film to watch for your date night movies.

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser



The story follows the life of Sierra Burgess and her enemy-turned-friend who helped her get close to the boy of her dreams. More often than not, mean girls usually try to snatch the guy from the poor girl but this one is certainly the opposite of it.

It is a delightful movie that has some complicated scenes which are quite problematic. Nonetheless, it is there to make the storyline interesting. It is also nice to see both familiar and fresh faces gracing the small screen.

Easy A

Easy A

Olive Penderghast was a nobody in school until a rumor turned her from invisible to an overnight tramp. The web of lies that she created to maintain that status only got her into worse situations. But in reality, Olive wants none of it.

High school can be a tough place for people like Olive. There’s pressure to fit in and to find one’s true self. Olive was able to survive that. This movie is a mix of comedy, drama, and witty one-liners that only language-smart people can understand.

Five Feet Apart

Five Feet Apart

For someone living with cystic fibrosis, every day is a struggle. Stella has been on medication all her life and her usual days involve check-ups and staying away from people. She cannot make close contact, or at least, stay six feet away from people. Moreover, people with CF are not allowed to stay close because it will only make their disease worse.

But even for people with the said disease, they also crave for love and affection. If normal people can defy rules, why can’t they? For Stella, that one foot closer to the guy she loves is so important.

Midnight Sun


Katie Price’s disease prevents her from one of the greatest joys in life – to feel the sunlight in her skin. She rarely goes out in the day. At night, she spends it playing music in the streets. She fell in love with Charlie but she hid her condition from him.

The film is for those looking for heavy drama and wants to cry bucket load of tears because this is not going to be a happily ever after. It also explores themes about the father and daughter relationship and the sacrifices they are willing to make.


‘A’ inhabits a new person’s body every day. One day, he wakes up as the boyfriend of the girl he falls in love with. But the following day, he wakes up to another person’s body, miles away from her. ‘A’ tries to stay in touch with the girl and they developed a strange connection with each other.

Based on David Levithan’s novel, Every Day is a coming-of-age film that defies gender boundaries and storylines that have never been explored before. It delivers an entertaining yet philosophical view of love and life.

Everything, Everything

Everything Everything

Maddy has been confined to her house since childhood because of an unknown disease. Her new neighbor, Olly, seems to attract her attention. They became friends through phone messages and window gazing. Maddy, getting sick of being stuck at home, tries to escape with Olly. Later on, she finds out the truth about her disease.

The story has its own complicated theme but still entertaining all throughout the film. It is not as heavy as the previously mentioned titles so the audience can watch this for pure enjoyment.

If I Stay

If I Stay

An aspiring musician who dreams of going to Julliard School has to decide whether she wants to follow her dreams or be with the guy she loves. But, her life changed when she and her family met an accident. While she’s in a coma, her soul wanders to find out everyone was gone. This leaves her to decide if she wants to go or wake up to the truth.

The film teaches us the value of every waking moment. It tells us that we should spend more time with the people we love. It’s a heavy drama flick so get your tissues ready!

The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars

The popular novel turned film is a staple watch for all romance lovers. Everyone must be familiar with the famous lines from this film. Two cancer patients make us believe that love is possible even in trying times only to break our hearts in the end. Expect lots of crying moments when you watch this for your date night movies.

The profound themes about love, life, and dreams are the factors that made this movie a huge success. This movie is highly recommended for fans who like meaningful conversations and quotable lines.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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