5 Things We Want in Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Game

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It’s been five years since the release of Batman: Arkham Knight that concluded Rocksteady’s run on Batman. Giving us a satisfying conclusion, Rocksteady leaves the reigns of Batman in the hands of WB Montreal who have been dropping hints at the next potential Batman game. However, for the last five years we have been left wondering what will be their next move? They have already created the greatest superhero video game franchise to ever be played, and we know what they are capable when it comes to Batman. What other game could they possibly make next? Many rumors surfaced claiming they are developing a Superman game, another Batman game taking place in the future and focused around Damian Wayne. But another rumor they had was the potential of a Suicide Squad game, and finally in 2020 they announced the next video game in development would be debut of the Worst Heroes Ever. Now that they have our attention, these are five things we would like to see for Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad.


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Suicide Squad game in the works from Batman Arkham maker Rocksteady

No Arkham Connections


Although the Arkhamverse might continue with the next installment being made by WB Montreal, Rocksteady has made it clear that Arkham Knight was the conclusion to their story and wouldn’t be exploring that world anymore. Good, that’s what we would like. Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight were such incredible games that set the standard for superhero video games, we are blessed to have been given such a trilogy. But as much as we love that universe, we are excited to see what is beyond it. With rumors speculating that the Justice League will be a key part of this game, we for sure will be given an appearance by Batman and considering many of Batmans villains like Deadshot, Killer Croc and Harley Quinn are the most reoccurring villains to be in the Squad, there is no doubt we will be seeing them make a return. However, this could be an interesting opportunity to give us different looks and interpretations of these characters in this new game. Furthermore, we hope that not too much of the limelight will be given to those Batman related characters and instead give more focus on characters that haven’t been explored too much from the Arkham games.

Animated Series Cast Return


As I mentioned earlier, we will most likely be seeing the return of Batman, Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Killer Croc with the potential of the entire Justice League. I believe one major thing the Arkham games got right with their games, was the voice cast. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are always welcome to step back into the mask and make up as Batman and Joker. In Arkham Asylum, Arleen Sorkin reprised her role as Harley Quinn and in Arkham Origins Robert Costanzo came back to play Harvey Bullock. Both played the same roles in Batman: The Animated Series and considering majority of players grew up watching that series, it added to the authenticity of the Arkham games. If the Justice League were to be in this new game, bringing back the cast of the original League from the 2001 animated series would elevate this game to another level. George Newbern as Superman, Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman, Michael Rosenbaum as The Flash, Carl Lumbly as Martian Manhunter, Kevin Conroy back again as Batman. Depending on which Green Lantern they decide to use Phil LaMarr as John Stewart or maybe Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan who has played in the Emerald Knight in six animated films. Along with casting the Squad with Tara Strong back as Harley Quinn and Matthew Mercer as Deadshot, both who appeared as these characters in Injustice 2. Using the same voice cast we remember hearing from the animated series would really make this game something special.



Create Your Own Squad Member/Team

A unique characteristic to the Suicide Squad are its use of villains. They never seem to be A-List super villains, other than Harley Quinn who has become a fan favorite in recent years. But in different variations we have seen strange villains like Polka-Dot Man, El Diablo, Bronze Tiger, Killer Frost and many others make their appearance on the team at one point or another. Something that a game like this could offer players are the chance to create your own villain, to design and customize the villain you want to be. For players who don’t want this option, they can be allowed to play as other squad members, but to have the chance to make your own villain to fight alongside the other bad guys. Another interesting factor that could be added would be the chance to create your own Squad. The Suicide Squad get their name because they are a group of expendable villains to do the things nobody wants to do, which is why line up is constantly changing because members are constantly dying. Giving players the chance to form your own Squad to go on missions would give players more freedom and the chance to learn more about some of DC’s lesser known characters. Allow players to pick up to four other characters to be part of the team, with Deadshot or Rick Flagg as the lead. Perhaps the option to unlock more popular villains throughout the game like Black Manta, Killer Croc or Captain Boomerang.



Save Your Squad


There will most likely be a lot of killing in this game, I mean they’re bad guys it’s what they do. However, another as I mentioned earlier many of the members are most likely to die and that could make for some interesting gameplay. Make the roster massive, but allow certain characters to die on the battlefield. Amanda Waller has no problem allowing these criminals to be killed or to do it herself, and will just end up replacing them with more B or C-List villains. Create a realistic way to play the game that would force players to work together and protect their Squad. Allowing them to revive fallen Squad members and if they are unsuccessful, actually remove that character from being part of your Squad and make players have to unlock them again. I am not saying that the AI for your squad should be completely unreliable and should always have to be revived, but add onto the challenge of having to save them or choose to leave them behind. As I mentioned earlier, make one or two members be automatic members of the squad like Deadshot or Rick Flagg to make sure the story progresses, but give them the choice save the team they have picked or have to take a casualty.


Justice League Boss Battles


Considering the first poster to come out for this game just happens to be a target on the back of the head on who appears to be Superman. There is speculation that this could potentially be a Suicide Squad vs Justice League game, which could be a direct adaptation of the 2016 comic Justice League vs. Suicide Squad that ran for six issues and pitted both teams against each other. If that were to be the case, the idea of putting you against the heroes rather than playing as them could make for something new and fresh to a superhero video game. One of the unique aspects of the Arkham games were the moments you were able to play as villains and unleash their skills and arsenal against opponents. Being able to play as Joker in Asylum and Knight, Deathstroke in Origins and Harley Quinn in Knight was a blast to try out. Especially in Arkham Knight when you are able to play as Harley Quinn and bash Nightwing with her bat. Something this game could offer is the chance to put you up against the Justice League and having to adapt the each member of the League. Similar to the way you battle the vast array of villains in the Batman games, give each encounter with the League a completely new experience. Fighting Green Lantern could be similar to battling Clayface or Grundy from Arkham City, going against Superman or Wonder Woman could be familiar to going against Bane or Killer Croc from Arkham Asylum.



No matter what kind of game they make, fans have waited long enough to see what else Rocksteady is capable of. The chance to step away from the Arkhamverse and show us what else they are capable of when it comes to gameplay, character development, world building and storytelling. Giving them a property like the Suicide Squad, has DC fans already waiting in line for their copy.


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