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6 Classic DC Animated Series To Stream On DC Universe & Relive Your Childhood

It is not an exhaustive list by any chance. But the DC Universe platform does have some really vintage and classic DC Animated shows. If you are a millennial, this list for you.


Teen Titans

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Teen Titans is loved by millennials so much for a reason. It was one of the first shows that introduced us to the epic superhero team that was the Teen Titans. Unlike other DC Animated series, Teen Titans combines action, adventure, humor, and drama to create a compelling plot. All its seasons have standalone episodes that converge to address an overall storyline. It’s fourth season is especially high rated. Like fine wine, Teen Titans has aged gracefully over the many years since its first episode aired.

Batman: The Brave And the Bold

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The first episode aired in 2008. As the name suggests, the show is made up of several standalone episodes where Batman teams up with many well-known superheroes. The show was known to rely on humor more than the adventure element. It had a three season run. If you are bored of the serious and gothic DC animated shows, this is the series you should give a try.

Static Shock

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With a new Static Shock movie in the works, there’s much to know about the African-American superhero. Virgin Hawkins met with an accident that gave him the power to generate and manipulate electricity. Now calling himself Static, he became a superhero who fights the many super villains that were the result of the same accident that gave him superpowers. Despite the show’s cancellation, Static Shock was one of the first shows to tackle actual social issues like classism and racism. The show has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy award. It’s totally worth checking out.


Batman: The Animated Series

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The original animated cult classic is available in the DC Universe platform. Batman: The Animated Series set a benchmark for the animation genre. For the first time in human history, a show came into being that could entertain both children and adults. The animated series was known to never treat its audience like children. It handled mature themes and had an air-tight storytelling apparatus weaved into its many episodes. The gothic animation style coupled with incredible characterization made it a cult classic. Many of its episodes won Emmy Awards.

Justice League Unlimited

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It does not get any better than this. The journey began with Justice League: The Animated Series. It was taken to new heights with Justice League Unlimited. The League decided it was time to expand their membership count. New superheroes from all over the globe were recruited and made a part of the new Justice League. New heroes meant new villains and fresh stories to explore. Justice League Unlimited was a cult classic. It had a little bit of everything for all DC Fans. It was one of the few Non-Batman shows DC actually invested significant resources in. It was such a shame the series was cut short. It had so much potential.

Batman Beyond

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In Neo-Gotham, the Gotham of the future, crime has joined forces with technology to unleash a new generation of chaos. While crime never slept, Batman did. The Dark Knight is still a human under the cowl. He is subject to the tides of time. An older, frail Batman now trains Terry McGinnis, his successor as the Batman of the future. Batman Beyond furthered the legacy of the Batman. Their was tons of action, incredible animation, and incredible character development arcs. No Marvel animated how could ever hope to catch up to the series’ master-class.


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