6 Lowest Rated MCU Movies Based On Rotten Tomatoes

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is known for its top-grossing collection of superhero films. Each time a new movie comes out, tickets are always sold out and theaters swarmed with hyped fans all over the world.


While MCU movies are top-rated by fans, some critics and reviewers take their time to give ratings to movies based on certain criteria. Rotten Tomatoes has given ratings to every Marvel film and let’s see which one hit the bottom, literally.

Thor – 77%

Thor MCU


This is Thor’s introduction in the MCU and Asgard’s first exhibit of its wonderful realms. Kenneth Branagh, the movie’s director, flawlessly displayed the mysticism of the Norse tale through its beautiful costumes and majestic visual effects.

While it was the most fitting presentation of the world of Asgard, the most important scenes took place on Earth. The film is still a top choice for Marvel fans, especially when rediscovering the God of Thunder’s origin.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – 76%

Avengers Age of Ultron MCU


In the much-awaited sequel to the 2012’s The Avengers movie, Age of Ultron introduced one of the most wicked enemies in the world of Marvel comics. However, Ultron’s portrayal did not live up to the audience’s expectations. He also wasn’t able to fully establish himself as a villain.

Regardless, it is still a crucial part of the entire MCU saga. It paved the way for two of the most important characters to appear in later films, Scarlet Witch, and Vision.

Iron Man 2 – 72%

Iron Man 2 MCU


The sequel to the original Iron Man movie seemed to walk the same path and only introduced new characters and no new plot. A lot of characters’ development, especially the villains, did not come to fruition or the peak of their evilness.

Despite this shortcoming, the film did fairly well at the box office. This success could be attributed to the introduction of new characters namely Black Widow and War Machine.

The Incredible Hulk – 67%

The Incredible Hulk MCU


Marvel was still testing the waters when they released The Incredible Hulk in 2008. The whole MCU setup was still a fresh concept and despite the film not hitting the mark, it was still included in the 2012’s The Avengers. There was also a recasting for Bruce Banner and the Hulk is now portrayed by Mark Ruffalo.

Thor: The Dark World – 66%

Thor The Dark World

The sequel to the Thor movie franchise is, unfortunately, one of the most forgettable films in the MCU. Not to say that it was bland or uneventful but there seemed to be no major occasion that took place here. The Dark World, however, served as the major platform in presenting the Infinity Saga.


Eternals – 48%


Currently the lowest rated movie in the entire MCU library, Eternals received the first ‘rotten’ rating. The film is considered a risky move. Other MCU movies which did not feature the Original Six such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, and Ant-Man, successfully made it to the top.

This low rating is attributed to the initial criticisms that the movie received even before it was released in theaters. Hopefully, these characters will find redemption in the next MCU films to come.


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