6 Times DCAU’s Flashpoint Paradox Proved It’s The Most Brutal Superhero Movie Ever

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The Flashpoint Paradox is full os such insanely dark and gritty moments that it will make your head spin. Here’s why The Flashpoint Paradox is the most brutal superhero movie ever made.


A Never Before Seen Level Of Bloodshed In The Superhero Genre

Wonder Woman

The Flashpoint paradox may be rated PG-13. But that is just a mere smokescreen if you ask us. The DC Animated Universe is known for its over the top violent content. With Flashpoint Paradox though, they took things up a notch. The war between the Atlanteans and the Amazonians gave us nightmares for days. Superman so casually killing others with an total and abject lack of morality made us squirm. Bloody action full of gore was the name of the game. DCAU started making more adult themed animated movies back then with this film being the crown jewel. We all remember how Wonder Woman killed a Batson kid or when Batman shot Zoom in the head. The Flashpoint Paradox was otherworldly (pun intended).

Captain Atom Used As A Nuke

Captain Atom

In the beginning of the movie. we see Captain Atom using his powers to help Flash and the Justice League. A powerful superhero, Captain Atom houses a Godly amount of energy within his body. In the alternate Flashpoint universe, Captain Atom gets captured by the Atlanteans. Atlantis know the level of power Captain Atom has running in his veins. So they turn him into a nuclear bomb. This Captain Atom powered nuke is a hundred times more powerful than the world’s most powerful nuke – the Tsar Bomba. Before Wonder Woman manages to kill Aquaman, he remote detonates the doomsday weapon, blowing the planet to pieces.


Batman Casually Breaking The Flash’s Fingers During Interrogation

Thomas Wayne

When a de-powered Barry Allen tries finding answers, he visits Wayne Manor. Since he knows Bruce is Batman, he seeks his aid to get things right. In the Wayne Manor, he is greeted by Batman but that is not Bruce. In Flashpoint Paradox, Bruce was the one who died instead of his parents. So Thomas Wayne is now a battle weary and extremist version of Batman. Thomas is more into violence than Bruce could ever be. Thomas Wayne does not believe Barry’s alternate timeline story so he starts breaking his fingers because he does not like him mentioning his dead son’s name so many times. So brutal. So violent.

Hal Jordan’s Sudden Death

Hal Jordan

He never becomes the Green Lantern in this timeline. Instead, he remains an Air Force test pilot who flies dangerous planes for the armed forces’ experiments. With the Atlanteans and the Amazonians tearing the planet apart, the humans must do something before they themselves get annihilated. Hal Jordan is roped in by General Lane to help end the war once and for all. Hal Jordan is asked to fly an alien ship with a mysterious energy source right to the heart of the Atlantean-Amazonian war. Hal’s ship is unceremoniously shot down and he dies on impact. The great Green Lantern breathes his last just as quickly as he was introduced.

Superman Becomes A Lab Rat


No one in the Flashpoint Paradox universe knows who Superman is. So Barry enlists Cyborg‘s help to find out what happened to the Man of Steel. Turns out, Superman’s ship never landed in Smallville. It was captured by the US Military who kept him locked in an underground bunker with no sunlight. Now a husk of his former self, Superman was never taught the Kents’ icon clad moral human values that makes Kal-El Superman. He is just a lab rat that suffered at the hands of humanity.


Barry Allen Is Almost Electrocuted To Death

Barry Allen

After Thomas Wayne stops breaking his fingers and starts believing his story, Barry asks him to recreate the accident that gave him his powers in the original timeline. The first attempt is a total bust. It leaves Barry’s body charred from the heat of a lightning strike. The second attempt, fortunately, goes smoothly and Barry regains his Speed Force powers.


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