6 Most Unforgettable Quotes From Thor: Ragnarok

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One of the most enjoyable Marvel films to watch, Thor: Ragnarok is a feast for the eyes for its lighter approach and engrossing plotline. From Thor’s new haircut to Hela’s spine-chilling scenes, the film was a major MCU success.


Aside from the amazing story and outstanding cast, Thor: Ragnarok has some of the best MCU lines that fans will never forget. There were also a lot of memes created from various scenes of the film. We’ve gathered the top 6 funniest and most notable lines from the third installment of the film.

“Yeah, It’s Called The… Revengers!”


This scene happened when Valkyrie asked Thor and Bruce Banner what their team is called. He hesitatingly said “Revengers” instead of Avengers because according to him, they want revenge. Thor asked Bruce if he wants revenge and the latter said he has not yet decided. After which, Valkyrie led them into a room where Loki is held captive.

“Yes! That’s How It Feels!”

This is in reference to the 2012 The Avengers film where Hulk grabbed Loki and slammed his face on the floor of Stark’s building in New York. It is still one of the funniest scenes in the MCU and this particular moment just relieves the memory again. It is a nice thought for the writers of the film to add that specific scene to show that Loki can also be a funny character.


“I Have Been Falling… For Thirty Minutes!”

This is another one of Loki’s funny moments. Thor and Loki were on the street when Doctor Strange suddenly opened up a portal that swallowed Loki. The latter fell on the ground, bounced like a ball, and flipped his hair saying he has been falling for good 30 minutes. Fans can see the distress in Loki’s face after he reached Doctor Strange’s house.

“Is He Though?”


This is definitely the scene that was turned into a lot of memes on the Internet. Thor tried to convince Bruce that they need Hulk to fight Hela. Bruce does not want to unleash the Hulk. He also does not want to get involved with his sister because it is a family issue. The god of thunder said that when it comes to fighting, Hulk is very powerful and useful to which Bruce said he is also powerful and useful, too. That’s when Thor retorted, “Is he though?”

“He’s A Friend From Work!”

In the gladiator-like arena where Thor was thrown in, he prepares himself to fight the monster behind the wall. When it came out, he joyfully screamed, “Yes!” as he sees the Hulk. He tells everyone that they know each other and that he is a friend from work. Loki’s reaction though was priceless. He is very scared of Hulk that he wants to get off that planet.


“Welcome, Point Break.”

Thor tries to access the Quinjet by pressing his palm against the monitor. He mentions his name and his title for the password to which the device would not recognize. Thor said, “The strongest Avenger” twice but still no use. He finally gave in and said, “Point Break” and it unlocked the system.


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