6 Ways Marvel is Setting Up Deadpool’s Arrival in MCU Through Phase 4

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Deadpool is going to step into the MCU sooner or later. Ryan Reynolds, Rhett Reese, and Paul Wernick are busy writing the script for the Shawn Levy helmed MCU-based Deadpool 3. The eventual R-Rated film may not arrive until 2024 (if not later), but Marvel is making sure that we’re going to be ready for his MCU debut. There are certain measures they’ve already taken in preparation for his movie, and it’s all happening right now. So, here are all the ways Deadpool’s arrival in MCU is being set up through Phase 4:


The Multiverse

We’re not yet sure if Marvel will use the Multiverse to bring mutants into the MCU. It is yet to be revealed whether Deadpool 3 will be a reboot, or it will continue the story left behind by Deadpool 2. Connecting to Fox’s X-Men Universe would create a time travel plot hole as time works differently in the MCU and its multiverse, as compared to the Fox X-Men/Deadpool universe.

Deadpool’s Arrival in MCU

So if Wade Wilson already doesn’t exist on Earth-616, I’d rather have Deadpool coming in from a different universe than the Foxverse. My point is that if it has to be a different universe, then the multiverse is totally open for that! Loki and Doctor Strange MoM have made sure of that. Deadpool was rumored to show up in MoM itself. But sadly, that multiversal cameo got canceled.

The First Mutant

Not only is the multiverse open, but Multiverse of Madness has also shown us the first mutant within the MCU. I’m not talking about the Scarlet Witch or Quicksilver. They aren’t mutants on Earth-616. I’m actually speaking of Professor X, who just made a quick cameo on Earth-838 as an Illuminati member. Even though a mutant has shown up on a different Earth, it’s still a part of the franchise. And it’s good to see that Marvel has finally begun to acknowledge mutants. All this would soon lead us to Deadpool!


Fourth Wall Breaking

Deadpool is pretty synonymous with breaking the fourth wall. But before he comes and quickly begins to chat with us, Marvel is already getting us ready for that with other characters. Very recently, Wanda broke the fourth wall by looking straight up into the camera while dreamwalking in Doctor Strange 2.


If you look closely at the moment when Layla turned into the Scarlet Scarab, she looked straight into the camera ever so slightly.

Along with her, the She-Hulk trailer has confirmed that Jennifer Walters will constantly break the fourth wall as well. Apparently, all this fourth wall breaking is happening in 2022 itself. (Would have been amazing if that Deadpool cameo in Doctor Strange 2 weren’t canceled! The FOUR-Wall squad would have been completed then!)


Mature Content

With projects like Eternals, Moon Knight, and obviously Doctor Strange 2, we’ve been getting story elements that target a mature demographic. Eternals for instance gave us our first on-screen MCU S E X scene! Then Moon Knight showcased Marc Spector’s traumatic origin story which led to his dissociative identity disorder (DID). And recently, MoM made us go through several moments of literal horror under Sam Raimi’s vision. Now all that’s left is for the MCU to drop an F-bomb that is not spoken by Groot. Deadpool 3 will tick that box soon if Blade doesn’t do it before him.

Increasing Brutality


All things considered, Moon Knight has been a pretty brutal show. Yes, we expected it to be much bloodier. But maybe all those bloody scenes will be brought to the screen when we finally get a “Jake Lockley Cut” in the future. Anyway, Doctor Strange 2 also had plenty of brutality with Wanda pushing the limits of PG-13 while making her Mortal Kombat-level kills! All this is again setting up the brutality that Deadpool is going to unleash with his arrival. I really hope that Marvel would allow Wolverine, the Punisher, Blade, and even Moon Knight to be as bloody and gory in the future.

R-Rated Projects

Deadpool’s Arrival in MCU

Disney has added all the Netflix Marvel shows to Disney+ along with a parental control feature. So, they’ve technically drawn first blood with adult-oriented Marvel shows on their family-friendly streamer. All that’s doing is getting us ready for Deadpool 3, which will be R-Rated for sure! But I think Marvel could surprise us with an R-Rated Blade movie before Deadpool 3 too! That would really tell the audience what to expect when Deadpool eventually gets his solo MCU outing!

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