7 Astonishing Parallels Between Doctor Strange 2 and The Flash

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The MCU has been establishing its Multiverse throughout Phase 4. But its true exploration will come with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Although, the MCU isn’t the only franchise that will dive into the Multiverse. Apparently, the DCEU is doing the same thing with The Flash. In fact, you’d be surprised to see how bizarrely similar these two Marvel and DC movies are. It might make you think that one of them copied the other. Here, look at the similarities between Doctor Strange 2 and The Flash and tell us which movie could have copied the other:


Multiverse Movies

Obviously, both of these movies are heavily focused on the Multiverse. The Flash is using its infamous Flashpoint event from the comics to lead us into different Universes. Barry will run back in time to save his mother, but instead of creating a paradox, it will somehow open up the multiverse. Doctor Strange’s multiverse opening hasn’t been identified yet. But it is safe to say that the events of Loki and No Way Home led us to the Multiverse of Madness.


Time Manipulating Leads

Another common ground between the films comes with their leads. Now obviously they are quite different as one of them is a speedster while the other is the master of Mystic Arts. But both of them are known for meddling with time. Barry is able to break the space-time continuum by running far beyond the speed of light while Doctor Strange tinkered with time using the Time Stone.

Ensemble Casts

Doctor Strange 2 and The Flash

Both these films are supposed to feature big rosters of characters returning from past franchise films. Besides Ezra Miller, The Flash will have Ben Affleck’s Batman coming back. Kiersey Clemons is reprising her role as Iris West and even Shazam is rumored to have a cameo. Apart from Benedict Cumberbatch, Doctor Strange 2 will have Elizabeth Olsen coming back as Wanda, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mordo, Rachel McAdams as Christine Palmer, and Benedict Wong as Wong. We might see some other past MCU characters in Doctor Strange 2 as well.


New and Old Characters from Different Universes

Since the two movies are going to deal with the Multiverse, we are going to see several alternate universe characters making cameos or playing supporting roles in the film. The Flash will have Michael Keaton’s Batman coming back to the screen after Batman Returns. Zod and Faora are also returning from Man of Steel. As for the new characters, we will at least see Sasha Calle playing Lara Lane Kent/Supergirl from another Earth in the film. We could even get some other surprising cameos like Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen from DC’s multiverse.


Doctor Strange 2 will have several cameos. A Defender Strange variant is coming. The Illuminati is more or less confirmed where Tom Cruise is playing an Iron Man variant. Professor X and Reed Richards are said to be a part of the lineup. And it has been reported that Black Bolt could also be in the film. Xochitl Gomez is confirmed to come in as America Chavez and play a supporting role in the film. But we could also have many old Marvel characters reprising their roles. Nic Cage could come in as Ghost Rider. The original cast of Fantastic Four could make a cameo with Chris Evans playing Human Torch. And maybe Wesley Snipes could also show up as Blade. I guess we’ll see about that.


Doctor Strange 2 and The Flash

The Flash hasn’t officially revealed its main villain. Since it is a Flashpoint story, Reverse-Flash or at least a version of him should be the big bad. But no big-name actor has been cast for the part. Instead, the trailer revealed a Barry Allen from another Earth played by Ezra Miller itself. So, it is quite likely that this other Barry is the sinister speedster of the film. Basically, The Flash will be taking on an evil version of himself. And guess what’s happening in Doctor Strange 2.

The trailer of MoM has already revealed a Dark Doctor Strange. Now even if that revelation was made just to manipulate us into believing that Wanda is not the villain, it is confirmed that Strange will at least take on an evil Doctor Strange variant for a short while. And that makes this “Villains” point eligible for the list. But still, it is good that the main antagonist of the movie is not an evil version of Doctor Strange as that separates it from The Flash.


Death of a Mentor/Friend


Now this one is not confirmed on both fronts. But it has been heavily rumored, and both the trailers of Multiverse of Madness and The Flash have teased it. It is known that Ben Affleck’s Batman is coming in for his last DCEU appearance. Ever since he was cast, we’ve suspected that his Batman will die in the film. Even director Andy Muschietti said that he is important for the emotional drive of the movie. So maybe his demise is what will motivate Barry to reverse time and fix everything, causing the Flashpoint event. But the Flash isn’t the only one losing a friend and a mentor.


No Way Home revealed that Wong is the Sorcerer Supreme. And the marketing campaign of the film has also been rubbing his title in our faces. It has to be because, after his death, Strange will finally take on the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. The trailer of No Way Home teased the death of Aunt May. And I believe that Doctor Strange 2’s trailer has also teased the death of Wong. He is being restrained with magic. So maybe Wanda will be the one to kill him. He has been a mentor, and a friend to Strange for years now. So, his death will raise the stakes and make us believe that the Scarlet Witch is a real threat who is beyond redemption.

Rebooting Universes

We’ve already presented a separate post on how The Flash is rebooting the DCEU by writing out Batfleck and Super Cavill. Instead, The Flash will make Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne and Sasha Calle’s Supergirl permanent in the Rebooted DCEU. On the side of MCU, Doctor Strange 2 will also give us a soft reboot as it is believed that Wanda will lead us to the existence of mutants with her reality warping powers (“Let there be Mutants”).


What other similarities have you spotted between Doctor Strange 2 and The Flash? Did one studio copy the other’s work? Let us know your stance in the comments.

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