7 Times Jeff Ward’s Buggy Gave Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool a Run For His Money With His Cheeky Lines in One Piece Live Action

Buggy, the Chop Chop Clown, keeps on slaying!

7 Times Jeff Ward's Buggy Gave Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool a Run For His Money With His Cheeky Lines in One Piece Live Action


  • Jeff Ward's Buggy had the most remarkable lines in Season 1 of One Piece.
  • Buggy the Clown made it his life's mission to make the Straw Hats' life a living hell.
  • One Piece Season 1 even had a Dark Knight reference delivered via Buggy.
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One Piece Live Action introduced Buggy The Clown fairly early in the series. He is the main antagonist during the first few episodes that take place in Orange Town. As the series progressed, Buggy reverted to a comical role since his body had been locked and chained elsewhere.


The Chop Chop Fruit user has two sides: a clownish jokester and a menacing pirate. Eiichiro Oda’s manga also pointed this out as Buggy is powerless in his ‘mini-state’ and a little more than a scheming devil when he retains his body. We got to see more of the former in Season 1 while the latter personality is expected to feature more in Season 2.

Played by Jeff Ward, Buggy The Clown had some of the best temper tantrums and sarcastic remarks in the One Piece Live Action. Here are 7 instances in which Jeff Ward’s Buggy gave Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool a run for his money with his cheeky lines.


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1. The Best Way To Ask For An Autograph

Jeff Ward's Buggy in One Piece
Buggy The Clown in One Piece

When Buggy is defeated by Monkey D. Luffy, he is left alone in his circus with nothing but his head. He is then taken hostage by Arlong and his crew to find the location of the map of the Grand Line. During the interrogation scene, Buggy’s head is kept atop a table and the clueless clown can only come up with a witty monologue to break the tension.

“Is this the best way to ask for an autograph?”

Jeff Ward’s Buggy takes a light-hearted approach to even the most tense moments in One Piece Live Action. He eventually helps Arlong locate Luffy at the Baratie before the Arlong Park saga begins in the last few episodes.


2. Captain Shit-tastic!

Luffy makes a deal with Buggy, proposing that he will help find the latter’s body if he helps them find Nami. Now in the Going Merry, the clown made it a mission to make the Straw Hat Pirates as uncomfortable as possible. One of his best lines is directed to Usopp in Episode 7 who was navigating the ship after Nami’s betrayal.

Usopp: But you said five degrees starboard.

Buggy: Yeah, it’s the other starboard, Captain Shit-tastic.

Usopp came with the comeback “I thought clowns were supposed to be funny” but it’s safe to say he got owned by Buggy’s line in One Piece Live Action.


#3. Zoro’s Questioning Backfires in One Piece Live-Action

Buggy The Clown
Buggy and his usual mocking grin

Roronoa Zoro’s loss and subsequent life-threatening injury at the hands of Drcaule Mihawk caused major concern in the Straw Hat Crew. Thanks to Sanji and Zeff, he was able to get medical attention. What he wasn’t ready for was the burn he received from Buggy when he threatened to take the clown’s life in Episode 7 of One Piece Live Action.

“What are you gonna do? Bleed on me?… Because I said bleed on me? You can bleed on me if you want.”

Talk about adding insult to injury.

#4. Buggy’s Sea Shanty


A pirate best known for his revelry, Jeff Ward’s Buggy The Clown continued to rub salt in the wounds of the Straw Hat Pirates. He broke into a sea shanty even though nobody asked for it:

“Oh, there once was a girl With tangerine hair

Stole my map, And left me stranded somewhere

Truly a crafty and crooked young lass

But you can’t deny, She had a spectacular…”

The sea shanty in One Piece Live Action Episode 7 is considered one of the best lines in the entire series. While Buggy couldn’t end the song due to being thrown in a barrel and landing on his big red nose, adults can guess what the last word must be.

#5. Tick Tick Tick…

Buggy's countdown in One Piece Live Action
Buggy’s countdown in One Piece Live-Action

Buggy The Clown’s charm lies not only in his cheeky remarks but also in his razor-sharp menacing humor. He can steal the spotlight from any character. For instance, when Usopp is working on a new bomb and has no idea how it will turn out, Jeff Ward’s Buggy adds to his tension with a countdown.


Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom!

Usopp almost dropped the bomb due to the scare. Following the scene in Episode 5 was Buggy’s mocking laugh and Usopp going away from the talking head.

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#6. Applause!

Buggy in One Piece Live Action
Buggy recreates a scene from The Dark Knight movie

One of the best anime adaptations in One Piece Live Action was Buggy’s circus in the Big Top ship. While the live-action skipped the Buggy Ball part, it featured something entirely new. The clown forced the citizens of Orange Town to watch the performance of his crew as spectators and applaud whenever directed.


When Luffy confronts Buggy for the first time in Episode 2, the clown takes a kid hostage. He threatens the protagonist but directs the words to the kid while putting a smile on his face like The Joker from Dark Knight.

“Hey Kid, wanna get tall fast?”

A placard is held by Roji, compelling the audience to ‘applause’ for the punchline.

#7. Finally Freed

Buggy in One Piece anime

Jeff Ward’s Buggy The Clown is defeated in Episode 2 and his head spends the remainder of the Season either in a bag or in a barrel. As such, he expectedly betrays the Straw Hat Pirates by running away after he gets his body in Episode 8.


“I am gonna get outta here. (flashes a middle finger)”

The clown will play an important role in One Piece Live Action Season 2. According to the manga, he will use cheap tactics alongside Alvida to get the head of Monkey D. Luffy. Unfortunately, he will come close to getting his revenge but will be stopped by Monkey D. Dragon.

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