7 Worst Fictional Dads Who Put Shame on Father’s Day


Fathers have a profound effect on the lives of their children. They usually have a strong influence on the minds of their sons and daughters in their formative years. Good fathers who play their part well go a long way in raising good kids. On the other hand, bad dads can mess up the lives of their children. The same principle holds true for fictional dads. We compile a list of 7 fictional dads who put shame on father’s day.

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1. Darth Vader

7 worst fictional dads
A picture of Darth Vader

We begin with Darth Vader who abandoned his children. Later, he ends up slicing his own son’s hand. The villain is easily one of the worst fictional fathers.

2. Tywin Lannister – Is a Terrible Fictional Dad

7 worst fictional dads
A photo of Tywin Lannister

Lannister from Game of Thrones was a horrible father. He mistreated his children throughout his life. Of particular note is the treatment meted out to his youngest kid, Tyrion. He blamed Tyrion for the death of his wife and scarred his son for life. He ended up being killed by his own son.


3. Odin

7 worst fictional dads

He is widely regarded as a bad father, who was responsible for his children going astray. He failed as a parent and his children had to bear the consequences of his shortcomings as a father. He banished his children and for these reasons he makes it on our list of the worst fictional dads.


4. Ego – Possibly The Worst Fictional Dad

7 worst fictional dads who put shame on fathers day1121

Killing countless of his own children for power makes him one of the worst fictional dads of all time. Ego, the villain in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in one instance brags to his son, Peter, about the number of his own children he has killed for power! Phew! If this weren’t enough, he reveals to his son that he killed his mother, and to top it off, he tries to kill him too!

5. Walter White

Walter White


White was a bad father. He made several judgment errors and behaved badly on many occasions. In one instance he had a knife fight with his wife and kidnapped his own kid.

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6. Jack Torrance

the shining

Torrance was a terrible, terrible father. If getting drunk and breaking his own kid’s arm weren’t enough, he tried to kill his son and wife. Actively hunting and pursuing the mother and son duo, until fate rescued them makes him a monster.


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7. Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn

Osborn was a bad father, to put it mildly. He was absent, arrogant, and cold. This was before he turned into the terrible villain Green Goblin and started killing and hurting people around him. What do you think of this list? Who do you think is the worst fictional dad of them all? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.


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