8 Classic Arcade Games That Changed the World


Arcade games were the first spark to the modern gaming we know today. Let’s remember 8 arcade games that changed the world.

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You’ve certainly heard of Pacman, one of the best known classics of all time. This game is recognized around the world and has been around for nearly 42 years. Created by Toru Iwatani, it first appeared in Japan and later found its way to America, as it was released in many arcades around the country. Lead your friendly yellow Pacman through a maze, eat the dots in your path and avoid angry ghosts at all costs. This game has become an enormous icon of the 1980’s, and has shown the true importance of building a game with a memorable character.

Remember to pay attention as you play Pacman!

Street Fighter

There’s nothing like the moveset of the classic Street Fighter. This game was one of the first fighters of its era and was extremely popular in arcades as it became difficult to beat. Those who grew up in this generation will remember it as a staple of their childhood and will try hard not to reimagine the slamming of arcade game buttons.

street fighters
Try to remember your best combo moves for Street Fighters.


A first-person shooter could not have been more perfect than Doom. Released in the 1990’s, this became one of the first FPS on the market and became a widely successful series, later releasing Doom 2 and Doom 3. This game remains in our hearts for having caused us to yell at the screen in the arcade rooms.

arcade doom
Shoot your way through classic Doom.

Sonic the Hedgehog

This is the beginning of the well-known Sonic series, which has come to be globally recognized with many remakes, new releases, spin-offs, and movies. You can consider this the beginning of what we now know as Sonic! Play as our beloved blue hedgehog in the original Sonic!

Go fast with the original arcade Sonic.

Super Mario Bros

Mario Bros was an original release with revolutionary traits. It became an arcade favorite and challenged players with jumps, hidden coins, and fun enemies. This was the first appearance of Mario and Lugui, two iconic characters who have lived with us for nearly 38 years.


super mario bros


Nothing can compare to the stress of the arcade favorite: Tetris. Match blocks and make them disappear before they reach the top. This game became widely known for its simple, yet anxiety-ridden gameplay. Though it may not seem like much, this game has found its way into fanfiction and internet culture, giving us a lasting effect of nearly 37 years.

Watch out, you’re getting too close to the top.

Mortal Kombat

Don’t forget Mortal Kombat, one of the most successful fighting games known up to date. This game would later become remastered for gaming consoles and has had a long and lasting run through 30 years. Watch for the new 2021 movie of this brutal game!

mortal kombat 2
Fight hard in Mortal Kombat.

Out Run

You won’t know fun until you’ve played the classic OutRun. Speed through a highway and avoid the cars around you as you cruise. This game was one of the original racers and paved the path for the new, modern games we know today.

Race fast in Out Run.

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Written by Emily Shadel