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8 Powerful Marvel Villain Who Dies in Spider-Man 2 PS5?

From Scorpion to Harry Osborn, full list of character deaths in Spider-Man 2 PS5.

8 Powerful Marvel Villain Who Dies in Spider-Man 2 PS5?


  • Spider-Man 2 on PS5 featured a whole swath of character deaths, some expected and some not so.
  • Spider-Man 2 for the PS5 offers a rollercoaster of emotions with the demise of several iconic villains and surprising twists.

Marvel’s vast universe is an intricate blend of both heroes and villains, where intense battles and compelling plots captivate fans. Spider-Man 2, being a comic book game, naturally brings about character deaths. The previous two games in the series demonstrated that Insomniac Games is unafraid to bid farewell to iconic figures.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2

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In Spider-Man 2 PS5, a diverse array of character deaths unfolds, encompassing surprising losses. Insomniac Games, a first-party studio under PlayStation, once again delves into the world of Marvel’s beloved wall-crawler.

This super-powered epic has garnered acclaim for its faithful interpretation of classic Marvel Comics narratives. Including the cherished Black Suit Spider-Man arc and Kraven’s Last Hunt.

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While the initial game and its Miles Morales-focused spin-off witnessed significant character demises, Insomniac Games takes it up a notch in their latest web-swinging adventure. Prepare to uncover the fates of notable characters in Spider-Man 2 on the PS5.

Warning: Spoilers for Spider-Man 2 can be found in the content below.

1. Scorpion

Mac Gargan
Mac Gargan as Scorpion

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In Spider-Man 2, the notorious Mac Gargan, also known as Scorpion, makes a return. However, his encounter with Kraven the Hunter takes an unexpected turn.

Kraven, showcasing his lethal capabilities, faces off with the armored villain, shattering his poisonous tail and delivering a fatal blow. This unfolds as Peter Parker watches helplessly through a camera feed in one of Kraven’s hideouts.

2. Shocker


Shocker meets his end off-screen at the hands of Kraven and his associates, as unveiled during a story mission. Kraven’s power is further emphasized as he eliminates the fan-favorite Spidey villain, Shocker. While Shocker played a significant role in the first Spider-Man game by Insomniac, he was abruptly disposed of off-screen.

3. Vulture

The Vulture might know Spider-Man's identity

Vulture, or Adrian Toomes, is another villain absent from Spider-Man 2’s events. Although his death is not explicitly shown, context hints at his demise. The vulture’s mechanized wings, seen hanging as a trophy, suggest Kraven’s involvement in the character’s downfall.

4. Electro


Max Dillon, known as Electro, is portrayed as another trophy among Kraven’s victims. Mary Jane stumbles upon the equipment of this electrified villain while exploring a rundown zoo, indicating that Kraven eliminated him off-screen.

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5. Kraven

Kraven The Hunter
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Kraven the Hunter (concept art)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, aka Kraven the Hunter, a primary antagonist in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, ultimately meets an unexpected end. Instead of a showdown with Miles or Peter, Kraven’s demise comes at the hands of Harry Osborn/Venom in a shocking twist. Gamers control Venom in a fierce battle, culminating in Kraven’s gruesome fate.

6. Scream


The revelation that Scream, another symbiote, emerges in Spider-Man 2 alongside Venom surprises players. Mary Jane briefly becomes the symbiotic villain, but Peter Parker ultimately confronts and eradicates the symbiote, seemingly ending its existence.

7. Venom


After terrorizing the city, Venom is defeated and removed from Harry Osborn. Peter, with a new anti-venom power set and Miles’ electric abilities, uses a shard of the meteor to supercharge Harry’s supercollider, expelling the symbiote without harming Harry.


8. Harry Osborn

Harry Osborn
Spider-Man 2 PS5 Harry Osborn

Following the symbiote’s removal, Harry Osborn, aka James Franco, appears lifeless. However, this apparent demise is short-lived as Miles harnesses his electric abilities to revive Peter’s long-standing friend.

Yet, this revival doesn’t resolve all issues. While Harry may be back among the living, his degenerative ailment has returned. Meanwhile, his father, Norman, resumes his quest for a miracle cure.

In the closing scenes featuring Harry, he lies in a hospital bed, teetering on the brink of life, as medical professionals grapple with the uncertainty of his awakening.

Spider-Man 2 for the PS5 offers a rollercoaster of emotions with the demise of several iconic villains and surprising twists. The game delivers a compelling narrative with its mysterious character fates and bursts of unexpected turns, making it a memorable addition to the Marvel gaming universe.

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