8 Ways Erik Killmonger Was Secretly A Hero In Black Panther

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One of the most well-known antagonist characters of Marvel Universe has had some heroic moments secretly. The global hit movie Black Panther had an incredible storyline that featured Erik Killmonger as its primary antagonist. The majority of MCU fans loved Erik as he performed incredibly throughout the movie. Besides, the film portrayed Wakanda quite incredibly too. And similarly, Chadwick Boseman has done a pretty good job as the titular hero and a protector of his home. Even though Erik has had his darkest moments as a villain, he also managed to do a few things that were nearly heroic in their way. So, here are 8 ways that indicate Erik Killmonger was secretly a hero in Black Panther.


Erik Killmonger’s plan was based on defeating T’Challa and taking out both the mantle of Black Panther and the leadership of Wakanda as well. But eventually, he ended up doing what he was instructed to do. He had to kill his cousin to maintain those customs. It was evident that he never thought of killing anyone.

After Erik went through the pain of his father’s death, he wanted to build Wakanda a stronger nation to keep up with the times. Killmonger planned to take away the leadership of Wakanda, which he successfully did but for a brief time. Yet his ultimate intention was to create a much stronger Wakanda.

Erik Killmonger was secretly being a hero


Even when he was working as an American soldier and CIA operative, he fought to protect the world. Being a part of that job required him to do some dirty work that was not as noble. So instead, he has spent most of his time helping the world to be a better place.

Erik Killmonger was silently being a hero

Erik Killmonger could have killed T’Challa, but he didn’t and yet went for Zuri. After he took up the leadership of Wakanda from T’Challa, things could’ve gotten worse. T’Challa was beaten up to death, but Erik still didn’t kill him. So whatever happened was more like a bloodless coup.

Erik Killmonher was secretly being a hero

Killmonger did absolutely right when he disclosed the fact about T’Chaka and Zuri. Even after living with his dad in LA, Erik didn’t know that his father was planning a terrorist attack. However, when Killmonger appeared in Wakanda, he revealed that T’Chaka had killed his own brother and abandoned Erik. Therefore, telling the truth about his family was the right choice Erik made.


Erik was the one who ended Ulysses Klaue’s terrorism over Wakanda that was going on for decades. Ulysses was the greatest enemy of Wakanda, who had stolen a significant amount of vibranium in the past. He finally died at the hands of Erik Killmonger.

Erik Killmonger was silently being a hero

Erik Killmonger may have chosen the wrong way, but he always wanted something positive for Wakanda. Unlike everyone else, Erik actually believed that Wakanda could be a world leader. His intentions were too pure for him to be called the villain of the story.

Killmonger looked out for his people, and it indeed was a heroic gesture. Erik’s father had a mission- to introduce Wakanda to the world and mostly to lift the position of the oppressed all over the planet. And Killmonger went on with it. Erik was the hero in the eyes of his fellow people around the world.



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