The Marvels: Upcoming Marvel Movie Perfectly Sets Up Next X-Men Appearance after Brie Larson Sequel

Doctor Strange 3 will be dealing with a lot of incursions, including the one Monica Rambeau might trigger in the X-Men universe

The Marvels: Upcoming Marvel Movie Perfectly Sets Up Next X-Men Appearance after Brie Larson Sequel


  • The last film left Doctor Strange assisting a strange sorceress Clea in the Dark Dimension.
  • Dr. Strange might be hunting points of incursions across the multiverse, including Monica Rambeau in the other X-Men universe.
  • As a newly minted mutant in the comics and the films, Kamala Khan could take responsibility for the Mutants in the MCU's near future.
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Doctor Strange 3 finds itself in an interesting situation in the MCU. The last film left Doctor Strange assisting Clea in the Dark Dimension. The character recently faced the the Illuminati, including Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four and Professor Charles Xavier of the X-Men

IlluminatiIlluminati - Multiverse of Madness
Illuminati – Multiverse of Madness

Given that the next offering of the MCU, Deadpool 3, will feature Wolverine, Doctor Strange 3 might be where we get to see the entirety of the X-Men, given that the sorcerer is now traveling through the multiverse. Since incursions have already been introduced into the MCU, it is safe to say that Strange might be dealing with quite a few, including the one Monica Rambeau might have started with her presence in a universe with the X-Men at the end of The Marvels.

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Stephen Strange might encounter the X-Men in more than one universe

X-Men, through the generations
X-Men, through the generations

It is perhaps well-established that multiple universes with X-Men exist in the MCU. To begin with, the X-Men of Universe 838 are no doubt on the hunt to find their Professor X’s killer. Apart from that, we know that there is another Professor X, alive and well in the Universe that Monica ended up in. Given the way Beast was depicted in this universe, it is safe to assume that this is yet another distinct universe from the one that we see in the X-Men franchise.

Therefore, the film could already be setting up a trip to these other X-Men dimensions, since Strange might be hunting points of inclusion, including Rambeau in the other X-Men universe. While this is happening, it is no doubt that Deadpool will set up some sort of incursionary event, one that will require the assistance of Doctor Strange, who might be recruiting characters with Multiversal experience to start a multiversal council, since now the Illuminati is dead.

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There might be a mutant in the MCU who could set up a different version of the X-Men

Kamala Khan might be a mutant in the MCU
Kamala Khan

While it is yet to be outright confirmed, all the evidence has been pointing towards Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan being a mutant. While originally an Inhuman in the comics, the character was killed and then promptly resurrected as a mutant, a change that has echoed in the MCU as well. While not an outright call out, Khan’s friend Bruno Carelli points out a mutation in Khan’s genetic information, a scene that is serenaded by the few notes of the X-Men theme.

This all but confirms that Kamla Khan is a mutant in the MCU, a motif that has since been used whenever a character of mutant origin is introduced in teh story. Kamala Khan, while busy recruiting the Young Avengers, could also chance upon other mutants in the MCU, taking it upon herself to keep them safe and secure.

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