A Fortnite Fan has Done the Maths, and it’ll Take A Ridiculous Amount of Shooting to Open Pandora’s Box in Chapter 5 Season 2

The new season is coming, and a box has risen from the ground.


  • The new season of Fortnite is almost here, and players are already experimenting with the new giant hand that spawns in the center of the map.
  • Rumors are pointing out that Chapter 5, Season 2, of Fortnite will be mythological, with gods in the Battle Pass. But Epic has not confirmed anything yet.
  • Fortnite's current season will be over on March 8; there is no teaser about the new content.
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Chapter 5’s first season is almost about to end, and Fortnite players are preparing for the new content. A little glimpse of Chapter 5 Season 2 is already on the map, and the new mythological content is just a few days away. According to rumors and leaks, all of Season 2 of Chapter 5 will be mythological and will be about the gods of Olympus. 


The new Pandora’s Box is at the center of the map, and a very intelligent player has done the math about how many bullets will be needed to destroy this giant chest hanging from the Titan’s hand.

Pandora’s Box gives you a glimpse of what will come in Chapter 5, Season 2, of Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Pandora's Box has appeared in the center of the map
Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Pandora’s Box has appeared in the center of the map

Epic Games will show a teaser or something about the new season very soon. The social media of Fortnite didn’t post anything at the moment about the next season. The current season has brought several new mechanics to the gameplay, like the medallions or bosses at different points on the maps, all with NPC minions and mythical weapons to receive after you defeat the boss. 


New weapons and a mod system were also added to this new Chapter 5. A new giant hand appears in the center of the map. Pandora’s Box is hanging from a Titan hand, and a player has calculated how many bullets are needed to destroy this giant chest.

According to Reddit’s user, ITSTHEGUYFROMFN, to open Pandora’s Box, 156,250,000,000 bullets are needed. This makes other users talk about how they can beat this mark using more powerful weapons like rocket launchers or sniper bullets.

You can also use the cluster clinger grenades. Players are talking about teaming up to destroy the chest in a single match, but that is never going to happen. 


What will be the next collaboration that Fortnite introduces?

The giant Titan hand has risen from the ground in Fortnite
The giant Titan hand has risen from the ground in Fortnite

Players are waiting for any kind of rumor or leak that will reveal some details about this new season. The Underground, the name of the current season, was not so popular among the majority of Fortnite players. But in the end, they still played the game. This new battle pass could bring some interesting new skins and possible bosses.

Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2, will be available on March 8. One of the biggest mysteries in the current season was the abduction of Peely, this banana-like man-slash-creature that has become one of Fortnite’s most popular original characters. Could he be coming back in the new season?

Tell us what you think about the next season of Fortnite.


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