“A lot of people are hating on The Rock”: After Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Black Adam’ Disaster, Fans Chose His WWE Archnemesis John Cena Over Him Despite His $50 Million Record

After Dwayne Johnson's 'Black Adam' Disaster, Fans Chose His WWE Archnemesis John Cena Over Him Despite His $50 Million Record

Who knew that the talents and skills of a professional wrestler transcend way beyond the ring? Although it’s true that wrestling in itself calls for an entertaining performance each time a wrestler enters the ring. But does that make every wrestler an inherent entertainer? It’s not uncommon for wrestlers to transition their careers in the entertainment industry, but it’s surely surprising to see some of them like Dwyane Johnson, John Cena, or Dave Bautista achieve remarkable success on the screen without any formal training in acting.

Wrestler turned actors Dwyane Johnson and John Cena
Wrestler-turned-actors Dwyane Johnson and John Cena

However, just like the ring, a good fight follows these wrestler-turned-actors on the silver screen too. Who is a better actor? Here is what the fans feel.

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Who did the fans choose to be the best wrestler turned Hollywood actor?

When one of the X users, Wrestle Features, posed a question asking fans to pick their favorite wrestler-turned-Hollywood actor, the comment section flooded with opinions. While the wrestlers in question were Dwyane Johnson, John Cena, and Dave Bautista, the majority of opposing responses traversed between The Rock and his archnemesis The Prototype Mr. P. Meanwhile, most accepted that Dave Bautista has the highest range when it comes to acting talent.

Dwyane Johnson and John Cena
Dwyane Johnson and John Cena

While John Cena is viewed as a versatile entertainer, The Rock’s charisma and marketability have impressed many. But who holds the belt? While choosing Mr. P over The Rock, many X users explained,

After Dwyane Johnson’s Black Adam disaster, a DCEU movie that received flak for its undeveloped characters, excessive use of CGI, and unimpressive acting, it’s understandable why fans aren’t standing strong with The Rock. However, it’s also true that his WWE arch-nemesis, John Cena proved his mettle as an actor since he’s on track to becoming the highest-grossing actor of 2023.

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Dwyane Johnson vs. John Cena – the off-ring match

John Cena entered Hollywood in 2006 with The Marine. However, it was his unexpectedly successful comedic venture Trainwreck and Blockers that etched his name as an entertainer. Furthermore, Mr. P appeared in the 2021 movie F9, playing the role of the protagonist’s (Dom) brother. Apart from this, his exceptional performance as Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad established him as an A-list star in the industry.

Dwyane The Rock Johnson and Mr. P John Cena
Dwyane The Rock Johnson and Mr. P John Cena

On the other hand, Dwyane Johnson’s foray into Hollywood wasn’t exactly smooth. It took him a few years since his debut in The Mummy Returns movie to achieve his breakthrough in the industry. And it was his performance in The Rundown that turned out to be the official announcement of his arrival in the realm of acting.

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One of the pivotal points in Johnson’s career was when news about Johnson bagging a record-breaking $50 million in the upcoming movie Red One surfaced online. This made the wrestler-turned-actor the highest-paid actor in the industry. However, reportedly, his arch-nemesis John Cena is on track to become the highest-grossing actor of the year with a whopping sum of $2.2 billion to his name.

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