“A man of taste”: Cillian Murphy Claims He Was Starstruck Meeting His Favorite TV Series Actors After Their Sweep at the Emmys

Cillian Murphy is having his big moment but that did not stop the Oscar nominee from sharing his affection for one hit HBO show

“A man of taste”: Cillian Murphy Claims He Was Starstruck Meeting His Favorite TV Series Actors After Their Sweep at the Emmys


  • Cillian Murphy discussed his Best Actor nomination at the 96th Academy Awards in a new interview.
  • Murphy revealed Succession is favorite television show and he was starstruck after meeting its cast.
  • Fans gush over Murphy's love for Succession and praise the actor for sharing his appreciation for the Emmy-winning show.
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Actor Cillian Murphy is continuing to enjoy the success of Oppenheimer as he was nominated for Best Actor at the 96th Academy Awards. After winning the Golden Globe, Murphy is the frontrunner at the Oscars and the actor recently sat down for a conversation with Variety about his Oscar nomination.

Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer
Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer

During the interview, Murphy also revealed his current favorite television show and stated that he was starstruck to meet its actors. Fans took note of Murphy’s favorite television show and applauded the actor for his taste. Here is what Cillian Murphy said about meeting the actors of his favorite TV series and how fans are reacting to it on social media.

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Cillian Murphy Talks Meeting the Cast of Succession

Cillian Murphy is nominated for the Best Actor award at the upcoming 96th Academy Awards, which will be held on March 11, 2024. Murphy was interviewed by Variety following his Oscar nomination and discussed several topics with the media outlet. During the interview, Murphy was asked whether he had ever been starstruck.

Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer
Succession is Cillian Murphy’s favorite show

Murphy responded by revealing that the HBO drama series Succession is one of his favorite television shows. As a result, when he met its cast, presumably at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards, he was left starstruck. Here is what Murphy said about the experience of meeting the cast of Succession:

“I met some of the guys from Succession. That’s my favorite show on the telly. I’m so heartbroken that it’s finished.”

Murphy made the above statement referencing the fact that Succession had ended its run on-air after four critically acclaimed seasons. However, the series capped off its run with six Emmy Award wins at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards, winning in all the major Drama categories.


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Fans Applaud Murphy For His Taste in Television Shows

Cillian Murphy was starstruck meeting the cast of Succession

After Murphy’s interview dropped online, fans quickly took note of his affection for Succession. People reacted positively to the Peaky Blinders star recognizing the cast of Succession for their hard work on the show. Here is what fans are saying about Cillian Murphy’s love for Succession on X.



As the reactions suggest, fans were impressed with Murphy’s humility and appreciation for other actors after he revealed being starstruck with the cast of Succession.

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At the same time, fans also praised Murphy for openly expressing his affection for the work of other actors. Moreover, some fans highlighted the similarities between Murphy’s Peaky Blinders and Succession, adding a whole new aspect to the conversation about Murphy’s love for the HBO series.

Succession is streaming on Max.

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