One Piece: Eiichiro Oda’s 1 Straw Hat Pirate Has Inspired Haikyuu and Kagurabachi That Will Further Upset Sanji Fans

One Piece Zoro's fame is at an all-time high due to his many references in other anime and manga.

One Piece: Eiichiro Oda’s 1 Straw Hat Pirate Has Inspired Haikyuu and Kagurabachi That Will Further Upset Sanji Fans


  • Haikyu!! features a panel in which Hinata shows the One Piece manga and admits Zoro is his favorite.
  • Kagurabachi also has a panel where Chihiro imitated Zoro's pose.
  • Many other series have hidden Zoro references in them, much to the chagrin of Sanji fans.
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Zoro is a legendary character, not only in One Piece but in other anime and manga franchises as well. The daunting swordsman is often the butt of jokes due to his inability to figure out directions. However, that has not stopped him from appearing in other famous works.


Franchises like Haikyu!!, Kagurabachi and more have included Zoro references in their plot, proving that other mangakas are nerds for Eiichiro Oda’s work. But make sure this doesn’t reach the ears of Sanji fans, or the rivalry between the characters might just prove fatal.

One Piece Zoro Mentioned in Haikyu!!

Zoro's Mention in Haikyu!!
Zoro’s Mention in Haikyu!! | Viz Media

In chapter 373 of Haikyu!!, Hinata attempts to have a light conversation with Pedro and shows him the Romance Dawn volume of the One Piece manga. He then asks Pedro about his favorite character while declaring that his favorite is Zoro. So yes, Hinata canonically reads One Piece and is obsessed with Zoro.


The cameo moment of One Piece created a ruckus among fans as it was a moment they had never anticipated. One Piece is famous enough to even appear in other manga!

Zoro’s Pose from One Piece Featured in Kagurabachi

Chihiro _ Kagurabachi Viz Media
Chihiro | Kagurabachi Viz Media

Chapter 28 of Kagurabachi featured an exciting moment when Chihiro infiltrated the Sazanami Clan’s basement. He was surrounded by enemies as soon as he entered, but he took an instinctive fighting stance. Lo and behold, his stance resembled Zoro’s Three Sword Style, where he holds a sword in his mouth.

Chihiro held one sword in his hand and another in his mouth, before transferring it to his other hand. Zoro’s signature pose in One Piece made a surprising cameo in the manga.


One Piece Zoro Featured in Other Anime and Shows

Zoro's Three Sword Style _ One Piece Fandom
Zoro’s Three Sword Style | One Piece Fandom

Zoro’s influence is not limited to the anime world. In a Simpsons episode titled ‘E-I-E-I,’ Homer is seen cosplaying as Zoro. The outfit was complete with Zoro’s green hair and three swords. His family members dressed up as characters from Naruto, Pokemon, Bleach, and Attack on Titan. This episode offers a pleasant homage to some of the biggest anime franchises and their iconic characters.

The webtoon world is also not far behind on this trend. The famous Korean webtoon Tower of God featured a character dressed in Zoro’s signature outfit: a white T-shirt coupled with a green belt and black pants.


Although it is a minor character with barely any screen time, fans quickly noticed the outfit and its original owner. The character’s name is Full Black, and he even has a scar on his face, just like Zoro.

Zoro’s influence is undeniable in worldwide media, and you bet Sanji would be really upset if he found out about it. The two have always shared a friendly rivalry amongst them, with Sanji calling Zoro ‘Marimo-head.’ The nickname means moss-head, referring to Zoro’s green hair.


Sanji fans are bound to be a little jealous that Zoro is featured in more series than their favorite. Well, let’s just call it motivation for Sanji to work harder on his kicks.

You can read the One Piece manga on Viz Media, and watch the anime on Crunchyroll.


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